Hello Friends,

One of the new members sought some information from me and the following is the personal message that I posted to him. I think it would be useful for other freshers also.

Following is the personal message:

Hello "...name...",

1. Look at the top there is a link for Home that takes you to the first page of this site.

2. The next one is Browse Content by clicking this you will go to the Articles published on this site. Read those articles and earn points for that also. for each article you get 5 points.

3. The third one is Forums by clicking that you will go to the feature where you can post questions and get 25 points. You may also answer any question and get 5 points.

4. Next is community by clicking which you will be navigated to various groups section you can also make a group or become member of any group and earn 10 points

5. The last one is Polls here you can post polls getting 10 points and can vote in polls and get 2 points for each vote

6. Now look at the left margine the first link is 'Submit an Article'; click it and you can submit an article written by you

7. The other links viz My Page, My profile, My Points, My Polls, Invite Friends, Users, Latest Activities etc are self explanatory just click and you will get the concerned information

8. Next is Help click it and take help

9.The last and not the least is FAQ- frequently asked questions; click it and read it thoroughly and you will get all the information that your mind might be searching for .

Just be on the site as long as possible and you will learn everything that you need.

All the very best and wish you happy surfing

- Harish Jharia

Harish Jharia
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