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This is in response to a query on how to edit articles. I thought this would be helpful to all the new boarders, so posting it here.

1. Go to the 'My page' section and click on the 'My articles" tab.
2. You will see the list of the articles that you have submitted, Click on the article that you want to edit.
3.The article opens up, Just beside the article name, there is a small icon. Clicking on it, would direct you to the screen similar to that you see when you click on "Submit an article".
4.Make your corrections, press "Save". You will see a msg that "Your article is Saved"
5. Now you can send a supporting mail to boddunan team for re-review of the article, in case it is rejected.
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    by » 13 years ago

    thanqs for ur article in the forms that helped me lot in editing my article i have posted thnqs once again

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    by » 13 years ago

    Thank you Sridevi for your detailed explanation. This will really helpful to the new members.

    One small note. We have added mechanism to automatically send notification to the editors whenever the article is edited. Also please note that you can edit your article if you have sufficient balance in your account equal to the credits awarded to the article. The article will be unpublished till the time it is re-approved.

    - Maverick

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