To You , From Yours 

       Ayub Ali Asraf

( CuriousARTCELL )

Not always you need to love me ,

What you really need to do , is to stay with me forever .

Whatever the situation is , whatever role the moment gets ,

What you really need to do is to grab my hand stronger .

Not always you need to love me .

Hit me , kiss me , leave me , hug me ,

But please never misunderstand me ,

Cause what is really needed to stay together forever is trust ,

Never distrust me .

I may not say " I love you " always ,

But the things that will always show the love for you are my eyes ,

So never take your eyes off , of my eyes .

Promise me .

Whenever you feel bad about something , 

You are sad ,

You feel shattered ,

Talk to me and share it .

I may not bring back to you what you have lost ,

But I can take the load of your head in my shoulder , 

and tell you jokes , give you strength 

and assure that you will never regret about your present in future .

I know I can not be the light when it's dark , But the I am sure  we can make the darkness a bit lighter  , together .

So be with me .


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