Around 8 years back I said good bye to forums. Here I am once again breaking my promise, because I am here to share a very heart breaking news with Boddunan members. I am really emotional, feeling tears......because I never expected such a day in my life.

Our dearest and senior most member Chinmoy Mukherjee from Bengal is no more! He passed away on April 25 following a massive heart. He has been suffering from cancer for past few months. I came to know about all these details only today through facebook, sadly on his birthday (June 10), which deeply saddened me. I really wish that person got wrong information and I came back to you people with apologies.

I joined Boddunan in late November or December 2011, and since then Ceemji has been a good friend to me. We freely interacted on forum for more than one year cracking jokes, while our friends also enjoying. New members may not be aware of such entertaining sections a few years ago, and also most of us are not active here for the past few years. Suny, Kalyani, Sarala, Sasi, Ram Acharya, Ram Babu, Usha, Sanjeev, Vinod Kannan, Swetha .... Though we were only a few, I can never forget those sweet memories and bonds in my life, definitely counted among my glorious interactions of yesterdays.

Though I stopped interacting in forums in 2013, I continued communication with all old friends till now through Facebook. During Kerala Floods 2018, It was Ceemji who broke the heart breaking news of demise of our dearest Gulshanji and Ram Babu. Today I am breaking this news. I interacted with Ceemji till mid-March 2020 and just like in forum, we used to fight in FB too (Shwetha and Sasi fully co-ordinated with me to fight with Ceem during our Boddunan days).

On April 24 I just thought of interacting with him because of Covid pandemic and messaged through FB. I felt in mind, everything is not fine. His posts were also missing in FB. When I didn't get response, I texted him on April 29. I continued texting him, and also tried to contact him through our old Boddunan friends. I started feeling, All Is Not Well. Today is his birthday, and through one FB messages in his timeline, I came to know that he passed away on April 25, exactly one day after I tried to contact him through FB. Many friends are pouring birthday wishes in his timeline today.....

I think it's the deep bond we shared through words. Otherwise how could I feel disturbed about him? Yet he was also a true friend. Otherwise he would have never hidden his cancer details. If I knew this earlier, I would have really contacted him and talk over phone to hear his voice. I really missed it. Yes, everything has come to a sudden seize. But it breaks heart more than anything. Ceemji, you were so special to me and Boddunan, and your humorous and informative posts and English & philosophical sections are the best assets you left for us. We shall never forget you. You will always be missed.... No more words.....

chinmoy mukherjee photo 

Meera sandhu
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  • Re: Our dearest Chinmoy Mukherjee No More!

    by » one year ago

    Suny Ag
    Editor & Super Moderator
    253 20k 141.2k

    Sorry about that Sandhya. He was one of the best in forums here and as much as I know, he used to be very active on professional forums too. I know that as I came across many of his posts through Google search esp his finance related opinions. I have no words to express my feeling. I hope to see another post from you which will say that this information was incorrect. 

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    Thank you said by: Sandhya Rani

  • Re: Our dearest Chinmoy Mukherjee No More!

    by » one year ago

    Sandhya Rani
    654 20.8k 133.1k

    Today was his 61th birthday or 62th. It was his grandnephew who posted an update on a post which I posted in his timeline a few days ago to gather any bit of information about him. So, it's a family member.

    All those days we teased him .... asked him about his family. But he never revealed, except once, that he lost both his parents during his teens within a year gap. So, he has gone through such a bad situation during his younger days. His grandnephew revealed that he had a big family, with two elder brothers, a younger one, and 4 younger sisters...... I really wished I came to know about his grandnephew much earlier and know more about his personal details, and surprised Ceem with every bit of information we collected from his grandnephew.

    A void left forever. You know it well, how closely I interacted with him in forum and we shared a deep bond.... Memories are still fresh... Till today, I remembered everything with a smile. But now onwards, I don't think I will be able to! Two great pillars gone... Gulshanji and ......

    Meera sandhu

  • Re: Our dearest Chinmoy Mukherjee No More!

    by » one year ago

    usha manohar
    704 19.5k 126.1k

    Indeed a very shocking and sad news although we have all stopped posting here , the memories of many interesting discussions where he added his very interesting and knowledgeable perspectives can never be forgotten. A sad loss for anyone who had interacted and known him..

    Pay no mind to those who talk behind your back, it simply means that you are two steps ahead !!!

    Thank you said by: Sandhya Rani

  • Re: Our dearest Chinmoy Mukherjee No More!

    by » one year ago

    Swetha Shenoy
    Platinum Mate
    121 1.94k 23.4k

    Dear Sandhya

    This is sad to know that he passed away without meeting us or even hearing from us.

    Though internet is an uncertain environment, few friends and people we meet are instant connection without a doubt;  all aspects of caste, creed and age were disregarded

    I still remember the jokes we cracked, pulling each others legs and the learning experiences apart from the jokes, it striked a chord in our hearts and etched in our memories forever. 

    Atleast let us keep in touch with each other, knowing we are still together at times. 

    Miss you all.

    Swetha Shenoy

    Thank you said by: Sandhya Rani

  • Re: Our dearest Chinmoy Mukherjee No More!

    by » one year ago

    Chinmoy Mukherjee was very senior member of this site I know him on Boddunan since starting . Its very Sad news. Words cannot describe what I am feeling.  May the soul of Chinmoy Mukherjee rest in peace. I remember he always advice and maintain good posts in boddunan. He written many articles and was active many years in Boddunan.


    Santosh Kumar Singh


  • Re: Our dearest Chinmoy Mukherjee No More!

    by » one year ago

    Diamond Mate
    38 3.41k 27.1k

    It was really a shocking news...

    Chinmoy Mukherjee is really a jovial person. He is one of the senior member here in boddunan. He always makes a comments in a very professional way. I love his way of comments which includes grammer and humor both together. A sad loss for us. May his soul rest in peace.


  • Re: Our dearest Chinmoy Mukherjee No More!

    by » one year ago

    220 6.73k 39.2k

    Yesterday Usha told me about it at FB, in these I am not active here so today I visit here only to pay tribute to Mukherjee. Life is circle and one day it meet at the point from where it started. And it is certain. God may place his soul in peace 

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