3 years ago

This incident happened when i was in college.College life  is just exploring and enjoying each and every moment in our life and also entering college life makes us curious about everything because people study hard to get placed in their dream colleges.I too dreamed of such a college and am very much glad that i could make into it.So i decided to enjoy each and every moment of my college life besides academics.As a teenager i always dreamed of getting placed in a reputed company,to take care of my parents and also make my dreams come true.

Meanwhile as we all know college is not just about academics but also friends ,trips and much more.Once in a while we often plan to go on trips. But being a student it is much more difficult to afford my expenses for our trips and i did not want to burden my parents for that.So i decided to take  classes for students as a part time job so that i could meet my needs.Finally the day has come,me and my friends were all excited about our trip.It went very well as expected but one thing haunted me even after the trip.While we were on the trip, I saw a couple working for a small shop as servants.They were so poor that they can't even afford their children to study.It made me feel guilty as I was spending my money just for my own pleasure and also I always thought of myself about chasing my own dreams while  some people  can't even afford their children to study.As i was a student, i don't have much money and helped them with the little money i had.When i was back to my college i decided to teach children free of cost who can't make it to school.That  gave me a feel which i had never felt during any of my trips.Am not saying that we should  sacrifice ourselves for others happiness but sometimes we can find happiness in others too.This incident changed my perspective towards life.hope you enjoyed it.


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