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Lohit Seth
Platinum Mate
128 1.08k 14.6k
12 years ago
I dont know that you received more than 5 when i joined i had seen you here first time.

you can see my name in the list of top earners. Before some months i was on second position and now on third. Now target to get first.
Fresh Boarder
0 4 64
12 years ago
congrats abid :)
Devyani Sarkar
Diamond Mate
167 4.81k 33.4k
12 years ago
Congrats Abid! This is great news. Hope you are very happy with this. Actually this post will make many of us feel motivated and confident in this site.
Gold Boarder
1 664 15k
12 years ago
congrats abid.It is really encouraging us to see somebody receiving 5th cheque.
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