Triya Roy
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one year ago

Ode To Death

                                                                          -Triya Roy


Deceiver is the man who fears thee,

To plead to Gabriel in the reflection of Lucifer,

Thou art a boon, and breath a bane.

In times that torment this little fragment alive in me,

Shattered into pieces out of count,

Thou comest among all despair, in the light of hope,

With a promise to emancipate from the wounds

That the world lovingly bestowed upon me,

Ensuring a carriage to the Elysian Fields.

Thou dost scatter bliss and smiles that don’t deceive.

In folds greater than life, when thou come in,

And leave a mark far stronger than the one you along.

The common end to all that ever began

Just to all, unlike thy own predecessor,

Who himself blows the trumpet of thy arrival.

I bow my head in reverence to thee-

The infinity all beings are destined to fade in.


And yet I fear not thee

Thee who livest in every bit of me.

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one year ago

Wow. Such beautiful writing.

Thank you said by: Triya Roy
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