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Pierced by ego

Category: The Lounge 10 years ago
Have you ever become a victim of a doc's ego?

pain of a patient pierced due to doctor's ego

Pierced by ego
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  • Re: Pierced by ego

    by » 10 years ago

    Hello Dr. Sanjeev K. Paul,

    Egoists need not belong to any particular category or profession. They become yet more poisonous if they possess added quality (?) of enjoying sadistic pleasures.

    - Harish Jharia

    Harish Jharia

  • Re: Pierced by ego

    by » 7 years ago

    Oh its so sad to read it how can a doctor be so egoistic when they are taught to help others at any cost in the starting may be this doctor is not a doctor he is like other [professionals making money by wrong ways. :blink:

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