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Hello friends,
I want to share a incident.
Today my Yahoo Email account was Hijacked by some China company people. :angry:
They actually didn't harm my account but used my email-id to promote their products/company.

See this content which was mailed to all my contact list:-
[quote]My dear friends,Thanks for your concern.
I am sorry to disturb you,But hope i can bring your happys and good news now!!!
Recently,I find one well electronic company ( ),They can wholesale or retail more and more popular electronic products,Such as notebook,mobile phone,digital camera,video,video games,GPS system,DVD player,mp3/mp4,motorbike etc...
Of course, I have order some items from this company, And surprised received my likes items in 3-5 days!!!
As you know, I have pay very cheap money and get one best quality items, So i must have to introduce and recommend you this good electronic company( )!!!
The better service with low price,what are you waiting for???
Please Join this company immediately,All items will bring you more profit and pleasantly surprised price.
Hope we can get more cheap price and High-quality items from this popular company in future!!!
Looking forward to your good news soon!!!
Contact this company website:( ).
Best regards,yours sincerely![/quote]

I Googled this type of misuse. and came to know that these people hijack the account by stealing the cookies from our computer to use for marketing purpose. :dry:

I just reported to Yahoo support , Changed my password, Deleted my cookies.

I want you all to be alert while surfing, don't surf any website which is unknown to you or is not trustful.

Its under control now but I am receiving messages from my friends regarding such kind of mail. :(

Hope we learn some thing from this type of incident.

Atul Barapatre B)
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