Have you noticed "Funny jokes" thread ? if not please visit it immediately. There is bombardment going on. Yes ! bombardment of jokes. 107 joke bombs by a member in just one hour.(From page 32 to 39) .

Earning of points in one hour is 107 * 5 = 535

Click following link.
Funny Jokes Page 32

But actually it is happening from page 8 itself. Click following link.

Funny Jokes Page 8

You can calculate how much points have been earned. Hardly any member came in between. Due to this heavy bombardment I couldn't dare to contribute their.

Some days ago this member was posting same joke many times. After warning now it is not happening. But joke bombs... :S :S

This member is number 1 in this week's Leader Board.

Is this for really contributing something to the website? or mere a game-play for earning points by hook and crook. Is this healthy practice?

What do you feel?

Please share your views on this issue.


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