13 years ago
Hello friends,

What is the meaning of 'Karma'? that is appearing at the right upper corner of message boxes of Forum.

I can understand the thumbs-up and thumbs-down buttons. Who need to click them and who will get benefited? what will be the benefits?

- Harish Jharia

Harish Jharia
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Atul P Barapatre
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13 years ago
Hi Harish,
In simple words, It is way to give the person his feedback to the post. like appreciation.

If you like someones post( suggestion or help or anything that you feel he/she posted a very good response that have benefited you or satisfaction to other member's query, then you give a Thump's Up.
and you can give Thump's down for those you feel is relevant to the queries.

It depends on the member to give thump's up or thump's down. also its not necessary.
one member is allowed to give only one karma (either up or down) for every six hours, means you can use it after every 6 hrs.

Hope you understand.

-Atul Barapatre

13 years ago
Hello Atul,

It's fine I got it. Then the meaning of 'Karma' would be same that means in Sanskrit... = efforts!

- Harish Jharia

Harish Jharia
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13 years ago
Hi harish,

Thanks for your Question...it actually solved my problem too.

& also thanks to Atul for explaining it so nicely :-)

13 years ago
Does the karma work on forum posts only? Or even the ones on articles add to them?

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13 years ago
It is for forums only. For articles and other areas, points system is existing.

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