Okk, folks I am back again. Again, I have one suggestion to make.

Can't we have a sticky SEO thread where all the helpful tips as to how to optimize your articles for search engines, how to get traffic, how to select topics and etc. could be posted. I have seen many helpful members answering to such queries but they are lost amidst the hundreds of threads that are created here each day.

I believe if the writers here are made aware of the common practices that would give more exposure to their articles, it will benefit everyone.

Guys, let me know what you think of it. Also, I guess this is by far my least critical comment on boddunan ;) ...You know I love you..

Also, I would also like to see the following changes implemented on this site:

1. A writing contest to encourage writers to write more

2. Title suggestion to authors to write on that topic

3. Directly approach qualified authors or encourage authors to write a series of articles on a given topic so that we become a authority on that topic. Google loves this or will the real visitors. We would be benefited from loyal readership.

Anyways, these are just suggestion and It is on the community and the owner whether to implement them or not.

Cheers guys!
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Who do u think will hold the Orange Cap at the end of IPL 4 ?

Who do u think will hold the Orange Cap at the end of IPL 4 ?
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