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As so many people from different states are here, it will be interesting to start a category for "Restaurants" in the Reviews section.Hope nobody has said this before :)

My suggestions for the headings in this topic are :

1. Name of the Restaurant
2. Nativity / Native food - Indian,Mexican,Chinese,Italian etc
3. Type of Restaurant - Pure Veg, Only Non veg, Both
4. Locality - Name of city and area in which the restaurant is located. Full address can be given
5. Nearest Bus stop/ Station - In which bus stop or station ( local trains ) one has to get down to reach this restaurant.
6. Landmark : If there is any landmark near the restaurant, it can be mentioned
7. Timings : Timings of the restaurant
8. Cost : How much is the cost of food,afforable/costly?
9. Quality : How best is the food here?
10. Special dishes : Is the restaurant noted for any special dishes? It can be mentioned.
11. Main Food items : List of the main food items served here
12. Interesting experience : Any interesting experience in the restaurant can be mentioned.

These are the things that came to my kind.


Please share your ideas on this !!!

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