Hi all,
As promised yesterday, I am with a suggestion to bring some (Positive) interaction in forums..

Its like a "Ask & Answer" type of Interaction...

Here is how it goes..

There will be forum called "ASK" Where we people will ask questions related to anything..(Just Anything).

Then daily Mr. Moderator will pick a question(the one that he thinks is the best) & bring it to a new thread, (This will be called Question of the Day)
Now again we people will try our best to answer it, in our own way..

Every day a Best answer will be selected...

Thats it...

To make it more fun & to bring in more participation, Prizes for the 'Question of the Day" & "Answer of the Day" should be given,

Further prize for "Best Question of the WEEK" & "Best Answer of the WEEK" can also be given.

Prizes could be Points or Cash Credits (or a Combination of both) :woohoo:

Information sharing, :)
Increasing points in a better way, :cheer:
Enhancing Writing Skill & Creativity,

OK Members & Moderators..
Your comments...??
Again hurry to leave for office.. :(
See you all.. :)

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