:) :)

I have a new suggestion to increase the participation & Make QnA more active...

I feel that QnA points should be calculated differently, & should not be considered for revenue sharing.. :( :(

There should be different points calculation & award for QnA's... :huh: :huh:

As already discussed :dry:
There will be points for asking, answering, best Q & A...
Also there should be addition of points when some one rates the answer. :huh:

Now at the end of the month the leaders(as per the points earned) will be awarded...
(For eg, top 3 people with more then 2000 points etc..)

&&&&&&& :blink:

My suggestion for the award is....
A pack of personal Visiting cards(with back side something about Boddunan)

I think It will give Q&A a unique status & and a reason for participation.

(It(Visiting Cards) will also help in advertising Boddunan.com ;) ;) )

So friends your comments ......... :) :)

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