Hi friends, I would like to suggest a new idea.

I guess we can have a scrolling bar at the top, below

[quote] * Categories
* My Discussions
* Forum Profile
* Recent Payments
* Revenue Sharing
* FAQs
* Login[/quote]

and here we can scroll the latest news and top articles by the users. Here are some views about this idea,

i) This scroll bar must be there in all the pages, i.e even when the user navigate from one page to other page.

ii) A separate section called News section can be started, and the member can update the latest news ( with very good key words) and other members can comment about the news. ( or we can use the category "Latest News" in the forum for this, with the title of the forum scrolls at the top)

iii) If the moderator feels that some articles are too good we can also add this in this section.

I guess this will make user to easily click and get info as soon as they see the news at the top, which scrolls.

If this works then we can add jobs/q paper section also.

Friends please share your suggestion and views so that it helps the moderator.

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