Special attention to body's cholesterol levels must be paid, especially when one is over 25 years of age as the body's strength to combat bad cholesterol levels keeps on diminishing.  Low cholesterol foods are those which consist of less than or equal to 20 milligrams of cholesterol. The following list gives you an idea of what new foods, you can include in your universal menu. This article will help you know, how to maintain good cholesterol levels, by having low cholesterol foods.

Vegetables and Lean Meats:

Very low levels of cholesterol are present in vegetables and most of them consist of high nutrients, minerals, vitamins and good dietary fibre. This also regulates your metabolism resulting in good balance of cholesterol levels in your body. They even cut the risks of cancer, high blood pressure and heart diseases. A nice low cholesterol menu can consist of lean red meats/chicken and fish which are good in proteins, micro nutrients and vitamins that are important in resisting unhealthy cholesterol.

Grains, Fruits, Nuts and Seeds:

Grains are efficient in chopping down bad cholesterol levels and they also aid in weight management. Fruits are a beautiful choice in lowering cholesterol and are as well rich in nutrients and low in adding calories. A small handful of seeds and nuts are low cholesterol foods while adding lots of fibre and minerals.

Egg Whites and Fat-Free Milk:

You can opt to eat egg whites as they do not contain cholesterol. Two egg whites can be counted as one complete egg. Now, in many of the baking recipes, you can replace whole eggs with egg whites and start eating healthy low cholesterol cakes and cookies. Choose to have fat-free milk and fat-free yoghurt which supply good amounts of calcium and other essential elements to your body. Also look out for more low cholesterol foods like pop corn, pasta, vinegar, mustard, cocoa powder, tofu and soy based foods.


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