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There are many wierd tales that interest us and one of them is about Caligula the Roman emperor.  I first read about Caligula while in college and
If Krishna had come to this world to establish dharma and eradicate adharma, and if he could kill Kamsa, Shishupala, and many other demons, then why did
People like to watch war; but they talk incessantly about peace. They know that war cannot create peace, but it destroys evils. Human mind hates evils;

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The land Hindustan is the abode of the Hindus , a religion as well as a way of life for as long as civilization has existed. It is the oldest religion

Hi friends, in this article let us discuss about some of the positive and negative of the India Vs Australia 7 match series, which we unfortunately lost. But in spite of losing the series, Indian team did well in all the matches, except the sixth ODI, because in all the 5 matches they were having upper hand and particularly the match we lost was extremely tough and also and we should have won the ODI’s in Vadodara, Mohali and Hyderabad. We had a chance of being the World No. 1 team if we win the series, yet we have to wait some time for this. It would have been better getting the first rank in ODI, by beating the present No. 1, because we already stayed at the top position very temporarily once in Sri Lanka and another time at champions trophy, when the South African team lost.

Well, discussing about the pros and cons, we might start with our fielding where we must concentrate very much. With no bowling and fielding coach, India did a great work in fielding in one of the matches where they made 4 run outs. The first match at Vadodara, was very exciting and India came close to win the match, thanks to Harbhajan and Praveen, who gave a brave effort and had a wonderful partnership. Really a marvelous effort from Harbhajan especially in the 49th over where he reduced the target to 9 runs, which India required in the last over. With 3 wickets remaining many thought India would have done it very easily, after seeing the unbelievable performance by the tail enders. But unfortunately we lost the match, but still we did well. But India came back strongly in the second match and thanks to the century from Dhoni who scored 124 runs and guided the team towards the 99 runs victory. Gambir and Raina also supported him as they scored half centuries.Jadeja who didn’t get any chance to bat in this match did well in the bowling as he grabbed three wickets.

So India leveled the series 1-1 and they went one step further to take a lead in the series when they won the Delhi match, again Dhoni was the key who made 71 along with Yuvraj, who returned back to the team due to injury and scored 78 runs to get the man of the match award.Then India nearly missed a winning chance in Mohali and we were unlucky also as Sachin was given wring decision and at the same time the unnecessary run out of Jadeja at the final over’s which gave chance to Harbhajan and Praveen to win the match which the missed in Vadodara, but unfortunately they couldn’t able to finish the match as India lost by 24 runs and the Australia able to square the series 2-2. This 7 match series started to move in an exciting way after the series was leveled and the all important fifth ODI was played at Hyderabad, where the Indians enjoyed the master Batsman’s batting but they were not happy as India lost the match that should have won very easily.

Sachin played a blistering knock of 175 and he got out when India required just 19 runs from 18 balls, with 3 wickets remaining. Jadeja was also got out in the same over with another unnecessary run out. Finally a lone battle from Praveen went in vain and India lost the match by 3 runs.Australia had the upper hand as they took advantage of the series 3-2, and India needs to win the Gauwhati ODI, to stay in the series.But unfortunately they had a terrible start in the recent years, after winning the toss and elected to bat. At one stage they where 27/5 and somehow they managed to make 170 runs, thanks to the half centuries from Praveen and Jadeja. Australia won the match very easily by 6 wickets and India’s hope went down as they couldn’t win the series and take the No. 1 position. But still we played well and hope very soon we will be the number 1 team in the world.

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