The referee robbed us on following counts,The ones which I remember..

1)Darren fucking Fetcher got the ball before Ashley Cole plunged himself into the air,It was a crystal clear tackle,Never a free-kick at first place..

2)Replay evidence clearly suggest that Didier Drogba was off-side,Further more he distracted Van Der Saar and interferred with line of play,Knocked Wes Brown and ensured that Lion-clown scores,Comedy of fucking errors..

3)Anderson's through ball to Wayne Rooney beat off-side trap and he was clearly on,Only thing that could stop him was linesman who was high on L.S.D..

4)Also referee stopped play when United got ball and were about to attack on counter when Terry clashed with Cole,This isn't a j.o.k.e..

5)Also,A minimum of 30 seconds is awarded when a substitution takes place but nothing of that sort happened for the Alex substitution in dying minutes..

6)And yes,Lampard's hand-ball was just outside box,A potential free-kick not given and one which could have as well saved our game,season..

we lost, and we were definitely the better team out there.....many decisions went against us in the match, like :

1.rooney given offside when onside, one on one against cech.
2.valencia penalty not given.
3.ballack simply held valencia after being out paced when he ran on the wing from our half in the first half.....what was the ref thinking there, not even a foul!!!
4.the stupid fk against us
5.even more stupid, the goal was allowed.
6.lampard's arm was in the air to stop the cross in the end....could've been a penalty, fk at very least.

but one decision which went in our favour was evans kick on drogba...that was a straight red.

i've read many posts here glorifying evans,everybody's down at our defeat, but seriously speaking, i think that was pretty dirty to kick drogba in the chest, however bad he might be, atleast our players need to maintain some class.i'm sure he would have gotten a word from fergie over that.

5 points adrift, but i'm not too worried.....had we won, but played badly, like arsenal home game, i would have been more worried, but the team showed yest that they are just round the corner, n i believe we can go on a winning run from here on. the players must be demoralized right now, it was a cruel defeat on them, but i think it'll make them even more determined not to let chelsea have the title.

pls, we bettered them, though not battered them, wen we were in one of our worst forms, n chelsea in one of their best.that simply shows that this united team is

Played well...

da most frustrating part is that we played a brilliant game.Against chelsea , @ stamford bridge, that was an awesome performance.there was smething about dis line up that was lacking in the las couple of games.i liked the way we held the ball n also moved it around.Rooney played the key role. but Evra, Anderson, Fletcher played their part brilliantly.The defence was solid, n that 2 against those wrestlers upfront.But the finishing department , 4 me dat has been the problem area dis season.yea, a big void to fill after a certain portugese boy left..kidding..its nt even christmas, we have time, n we are getting better. But losing against chelshits, dats always a pain.lookin forward to da match at OT.
It was a solid performance by United... surprisingly I am not sad because I did not expect United to play so well throughout the match especially after the livpool match... I just feel that we need a spark in the team... a striker on the lines of torres will do us a world of good... and not to forget well played evans and brown

If this is a sign of things to come I believe we will do well if we strengthen our squad in the January transfer activity

Glory glory Manchester United!!!
I was really furious with the referee.
He cunted it!
That was never a foul, Drogba caused Brown to fall, and he was in offside position.
Apart from that, there was Lampard's hand on the ball right before chelshit's box.

Chelsea was clearly helped. Perhaps there might be an interest in not seeing us winning all the time. Some would say the league becomes less interesting when only a team wins. But what can we do, if we're the fucking best team on Earth.

The only way those cunts can beat us is by being helped by referees!
Owen and obertan shouldhave been introdused in the 70th minth i say. you can t expect a player , even like owen to come and score in tha last 5 mins, that too against a team that plays more physical than good attractive football. moreover we were a goal down and so owen should have been called in earlier.
also rooney should go back to his old playing positions. he is a world class player, but he shudnt waste his time in dropping back deep. he is a wonderful player and he needs to get back to his original position. just see how he plays for wngland, there he scores a lot of goals, same shud be his position. please play like b4 rooney......
i am not teaching him football, but i pray that he becomes the old rooney again.....
and please let owen play regularly for united at least for 20 mins!
We were the better team and we were playing on THEIR ground. A lot pundits were saying Utd are gonna lose by 2 or 3, but it's in their face now. We could have easily won the match had we taken our chances, we have to blame ourselves for that.

We didn't have our 1st choice defenders still the 'mighty' attack of Chelsea was kept quiet. Had Vidic been there Terry would have never won that header. But, I'm happy by the performances of Evans and Brown. Our whole team was very very good but we should have taken our chances.
Valenica was fantastic IMO and kept Cole at bay. I was disappointed by Giggs, he was continuously giving the ball away.

I'm really proud of my team, we've shut all critics and we were only unlucky. We still have Hargo to come and we weren't playing with our 1st team defenders and Chelsea were full strength. It's only gonna get better for us.
It was clearly one of the best away performances of the season. But still we lost If the ref had given us a penalty in the beginning of the match, when terry fouled valencia, things would've been so much better. The usual blame for the goal is the ref. The ball came of terry's shoulder, and drogba looked to kick the ball. So it was clearly interfering with play. It wasn't a free-kick anyway. One more thing- In the community shield, when ballack elbowed evra, chelshit didn't stop play and instead went on to score a goal. But when terry collided with cole, united had to stop play! On the whole, chelshit won just by luck. Looking forward to our response and amazing performances in the coming weeks
Glory Glory Man United

We could go on all night,It is evident that referee gave Plastic Fc more favourable decisions than he did to us..

Poor finishing and spastic refereeing cost us game..

lampard and terry combined for a typical chelsea goal which they definately didnt deserve (which is the case generally with chelsea) and gave chelsea the win .. however in hindsight evans and browns performance reminded me of the time when we had a similar defensive crisis and gabriel heinz and brown stepped up ... i think wes brown deserves a place in the side ahead of o'shea as right back when vidic returns and evans definately deserves more games

I think this was our best performance at the bridge since we won 3-0 in 2002. Didnt deserve to lose... We had 2 or 3 chances to be a goal ahead. Everyone were upto their mark.. A good performance but a bad result.... The ref should have given atleast 1 of the 2 instances responsible for the goal in United's favour... 5 points is not too much but with chelsea and arsenal setting the pace it might prove difficult....

3 Crucial ref decisions went against us!!!!!!!!!!!

1.) Firstly, it was never a free kick. Secondly, Wes Brown is fouled by Didier Drogba, and thirdly, Drogba is clearly offside and interfering with play when the ball goes in.Three supposedly top officials thought there was nothing wrong with it. That says it all.

2.)If you look deeper, all of the key decisions went against us: Antonio Valencia should have had a penalty after getting hauled down by John Terry!

3.) and Wayne Rooney was wrongly flagged for offside when clean through on goal.
i think it would be better if we all let go of the referee...SAF rightly pointed out that we didnt score from our chances and thats frustrating....we need to be in free goal scoring form...

and i dont think Chelsea will suffer too much from African cup...if you look at their fixtures at that time,they've got pretty weak teams to play so they'll win their matches...what is imperative is that we need to go on an 8-10 match winning streak not unbeaten but winning streak from now onwards..!!!
Digressing here but i think lately a referee's poor performance is overshadowed by sir alex's tirade instead of wat is being suggested that it serves to put the blame on the refs for united's bad performances.
whether we perform badly or lil poor like vs cska or extremely well like vs chelsea...the ref has to do a good job
the ref was poor vs cska and chelsea and the highligt is that sir alex finds fault in the ref again..i mean wtf the ref was poor .accept that...have u ever heard a ref r their assocn go the manager is right....the ref was indeed shite
One thing thats makes me proud of our performance at the bridge was Valencia's attitude.
He may not be the next Ronaldo...but i would definitely rate him above ronaldo for his sheer professionalism...
i used to feel embarrassed whenever ronnie cheated(dived) to get us all the 3 be fair i didn mind that as long as United won the match...but i would always have that in the back of mind..
On sunday Valencia could have gone down 5 or 6 times when chelsea players were man handling him...but he stayed on his feet....for that he has earned my respect (not that it matters to him)..
so all in all im glad to see the back of certain "CR7" !!!
hope i haven strayed away from the topic...
I knw th game analysis has been done to death.. but it must be said tat Bown n Evans wer awesum.thy stopped chel beatifully.Evans is a future star guys n i hope SAF never lets him go.Evra was brilliant.dancin dwn th field to attack.surely much better than cashley cole who was quite absent.Evra best left back in th prem n mayb even th world nw.fletcher anderson n valencia checked them vry wel.attack hwever was a different game.we creatd so many chances but nthin to show in terms off shots on goal.shud hav scored.giggs n oshear kept findin themselves in open space but never did we capitalize on those openins we created.we never played to draw.tat was obvious.on seein th line up at first tats wat i thot wud happen but i am really impressed. we shud never hav lost.. th refs r beginnin to gang up on utd. IDIOTS.. but v wil stil prevail.. GGMU
watever ppl say it is clearly evident tat v need to renew r resources... wen CR was developin into th player he nw is v had VNR n out n out striker to score th goals.. gr8 as rooney n berba mayb thy tend to drift into mid quite often. with CR gne n out n out striker is a must.. hope v get Villa as sum papers r suggestin... he wud b a gr8 addition.. imagine him n rooney upfrnt with berba to cum in.... :) in mid v certainly need a new winger... again Silva wud b a gud signin... but whether two players can b nicked frm Valencia at th same tym i doubt.. ideally a left winger with Nani bein sold off... Obertan wil get better n can tak over wen Giggsy retires which sadly wil b quite soon i presume.. :( n in defense i gues vida evans brown n rio wil do gr8.. i am nt concerned with rio as he is nt in serious trouble yet.. it can happen to ny1.. dnt tink many wud hav read tat pass to torres by yossi.. terry wud hav been left pantin n puffin while rio atleast managed to get bak n stick out a leg... n finally we need a vry gud keeper to replace VDS in 1 n half yrs.. Foster aint world class n neithr is Thomas... n v cnt afford to mak either 1st choice n develop... Casillas wud b nice but untouchable.... hope v get sum1 gus... even th prem has a few gud guys v cud try n get... tis is just ma opinion... with th Jan window nt far off i tink we shud b tinkin hw to strengthen ourselfs... wat do ppl tink???
Although Chelsea had the most shots on goal,we were the better team.I only realised at half time at Deco had started,Essien had a quiet game thanks to Anderson (which was really Impressive),i don't remember seeing much of Ballack and apart from a few shots Lampard took,he didn't have much impact on the game.
I don't know why referees of such poor standards are assigned such important games.It's like the referees are competing for an award Worst referee!..
I was impressed by our boys,Brown and Evans should take over Rio's and Vidic's places temporarily until the latter rediscover they form.
I was so proud of our performance, for it was the best against a top team this season.
Chelsea won only because the referee was a disgrace and we lost because of hard luck and atrocious refereeing.
well such things happen....we willl bounce back bcoz chelsea wont be this lucky everytime and we will play such footballl more often!!!!

not worried abt the midfield any more...with obertan ,valencia and return of hargreaves we willl only get bettter(ando and flectcher are doing well)...ofcourse we have the class of giggs and scholes!!!!

but the attack does concern me rooney ,berba and owe are alll natural goal scorers....but they r falling back a bit tooo much...they need to be more aggressive!!!!!
Played really well.....But ref did us the game....Well apart frm three errors
1) The freekick was not really a free kick
2) Wes brown was fouled by drogba
3) Drogba was offside and influenced the play

Apart frm these the chelsea goal was very legitimate......
i noticed one thing that valencia is not too comfortable with o'shea on th right side.
i have seen him play with neville. he is much better. o'shea isn't too attackminded and not as good as neville or rafael in crossing.
valencia often comes inside and looks for the overlap by the right back. so playing neville or rafael (when he is fit) will be a good idea. o'shea is not bad definsively but neville or rafael are better option when valencia is playing.
please tell if any one has noticed such a thing.
y the hell was ancelotti complaining abt united protesting againt the goal...wht he thinks tht chelshitt win should not be questioned or wht....i would like to know his reactions when same happens to his team....hope someone dives a " Dive of the century""  to win a penalty against the chelshitts and tht should be a winner..then i would like to know his post match comments....
we shattered your Diamond into pieces..

Diamond, my foot.. what diamond?? Lampard was running for ball behind anderson like a boy...

deco never showed up..

fucking ref. denied us a point.. actually, we played well to get a win..

chelsea were never in the game, actually..

still, I want to say well done chelsea, enjoy your time at the top, because we're coming to get it back.. you have only played 1 of the 3 top4 clashes... while we've played everyone..

you'll definitely lose points against them.. yes it is true that referee was on chelsea's side yesterday standing like a 12th man ! but as sir alex said in the post match interview that he won't blaim referee for his side's loss rather he would say that we failed to convert our chances !

but the way we played yesterday it was a good allround display especially at the heart of the defence. Both Brown & Evans aren't regular starters and playing that well that too away at stamford bridge was very very good to see.

not to worry, we will surely bounce back. also, i felt that obertan should be given more playing time now !

Rooney was right at the end of the game when he shouted to the camera "12 men"!. I have never witnessed a totally inept and one-sided performance by a referee for a long time. From the start 1] Rooney was way onside on a 1:1 situation when the flag went up for offside
2] Valencia was pulled down by his shirt by Terry in full view of linesman, clear pen but not given
3] clear fouls in our favour throughout the game not given, but 50/50 quickly given to Chelsea
4] Free-kick leading to goal clearly not a freekick with us on a clear counter attack
5] Drogba pulling down Brown in box and also being offside while swinging a foot at the ball, but goal given!
Also, the kick that Drogba got from Evans was purely accidental and he came in late on Evans, hence the yellow card and the only correct decision of the night!
I think its blatant that the referees have now got an agenda versus ManU due to Fergie's outburst [valid one at that] against Wiley. This can be described as vendetta even. Fergie and us supporters need to do something as this will jeopardise our season. The referees and this mediocre one of today [Atkinson] cannot get away with pure biased officiating. Fergie has nothing to lose now [against referees and their inept boss Hackett] by going full throttle against them and also us fans by making our feelings loud and clear. That result today was pure fraud. I think its time we call international referees to officiate our games who has knowledge, respectability and impartiality, not like the ones in this country.
Even worse, I'm now calling for ManU to desist from the Premiership [finally giving all other losers a chance!] and enter/create futuristic European league obviously with us as the only English team......cant wait!
Second Half Stopages

Five Substituions
(including two at once)
2 mins normally allowed

one goal:
30 seconds normally allowed

Drogba hurts ribs:
2 min 45 seconds lost

giggs/ivanovic class heads
1 min 12 seconds lost

caravleo delays free kick by dribling the ball away
1 min 55 lost

Total Lost
8 min 21 seconds

Time added
5 Min 1 second

Martin Atkinson has encourged teams in future to disfigure game by wasting time,caravalleo successfuly took the time by dribbling the ball away which wasnt added in the end
its time to pull the trigger & again show that what champions are made of !


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