Hi friends, in this article let us see something about football. To be frank, I usually won’t watch football, but I knew that football is the number 1 sport in the world and it has got billions of fans all over the world. Like ICC (International Cricket Council) which governs the game of cricket all over the world, football is governed by FIFA, called as Federation Internationale de Football Association. Another important thing about the game is that in United States and Canada, this game is called as Soccer and in rest of the world, the original name is maintained. The reason why it is not called as football in those countries is that, in USA they have another game called as American Football and it is more or less like a rugby game, with the players play with the help of helmet.

FIFA was formed in the year 1904, and early to this the laws for the game was first set up by J. C.Thring of the Uppingham School. But prior to that FA ( Football Association ) cup was started playing from 1871.The real development for the football took place in the year 1930, when many professional league were set up all over the world and most importantly, the first ever football world cup was started in the year 1930, at Uruguay.

Now let us see some of the rules and regulations of the game

1)The length and breadth of a football pitch is 100 meters to 75 meters ( approximate value).

2) Like cricket, in football also there are 11 players per side and here the use of yellow and red cards is allowed.

3) In this game, there will be four officials (referee) and they are responsible for maintaining the spirit of the game, and if they find any player misbehaving, then they will use red or yellow cards.

4) When it comes to the size of the leather ball used, the circumference is 27 o 28 inches and it weighs around 14 to 16 ounces.

5) The duration of the game is 90 minutes, and it is divided into two half of 45 minutes. Apart from that additional minutes are added at the end, to compensate the injury time.

6) One of the most important rule is the OFF SIDE. According to this rule, if an attacking players moves into a position, at the place where there are no defenders of the opposite team between him and the opposite side goal keeper, then the line referee will blows the whistle and the goal scored at this time is not counted.

These are some of the important rules and regulation and it also has number of simple rules which is very easy to understand, like free kick penalty cick, corne click etc.

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