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During the terrific silence of that horrible night, they could not hear the footsteps of death. On the eighteenth night of a great war, they were sleeping
“Bottle, bottle everywhere; not a single one to provide water” Bottled water is the present era acquisition of safe drinking water to homes and offices
Beauty of Kashmir is breathtaking and thus this valley is rightly described as paradise on earth. Carpets of saffron resembling lotus petals are spread

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Beauty of Kashmir is breathtaking and thus this valley is rightly described as paradise on earth. Carpets of saffron resembling lotus petals are spread
Located in culturally important Bhavnagar district of Gujarat, Alang today is known worldwide for ship dismantling. It is world's largest ship dismantling
Our ancestors discovered the technique of cooking food. Earlier they used to consume food in its original state i,e., in its raw form, regardless of whether

All of you might have heard about this sportive festival of World Cup Football. The coming edition is its 19th one. It will take place in 2010 June in South Africa. Africa is going to be the host of the World Cup Football for first time in World Cup Football history. The whole world is anxiously waiting for the shouts and heart throbbing matches between various countries.

Football is the most popular game in the world played in almost all countries. Hence World Cup Football becomes the most expected event of the world. It is estimated that about seventy two thousand persons viewed the World Cup Football match 2006 final round matches held in Germany.

The World Cup Football match is organised by World Football Association commonly called Federation International de Football Association (FIFA). Its headquarters is at Surich in Germany.The first World Cup Football match was held in 1930. From that year onwards the match takes place in every four years. But due to second world war the matches of 1942 and 1946 didn't take place.

According to present rules 32 teams are contesting in final round of World Cup Football match. All the preliminary rounds have been completed and final round teams had decided. The draw for categorising the teams into groups also had over recently. India hadn't entered to the final round of this World Cup Football match. Also India had never got a chance to play in final round of World Cup Football.Out of the present 32 teams for final round 31 teams come after playing the qualifying rounds held at different continents and different zones. The host country can directly play the final round without going through the hurdles of qualifying rounds.

Out of the 18 episodes of World Cup Football completed so far , seven countries had emerged as winners. Brazil possess a unique record that it is the only country that had played final rounds of all the World Cup Football matches. Also Brazil is the country that won the world cup more time. They had won it five times. The winners from first world cup to last world cup is listed below.

1930  Uruguay

1934  Italy

1950 Uruguay

1954 West Germany

1958 Brazil

1962 Brazil

1966 England

1970 Brazil

1974 West Germany

1978 Argentina

1982 Italy

1986 Argentina

1990 West Germany

1994 Brazil

1998 France

2002 Brazil

2006 Italy.

So this year is waiting for the new kings of the world cup football. Different bets are going on at different parts of the world. In India also all countries have fans and they are fighting with words with each other. All teams are with full confidence that they will be the present year's winners. Brazil is the favourites of most persons. Argentina is the second best favourites. Italy , France , Spain and Portugal are also in the list of favourite teams.The anxious moments will end by the end of June 2010.So let us wait and see who emerge out as winners.