alt      Badminton The Racquet Sport


Badminton is a sport played by either two players or two pairs of players with each team standing on the either side of the rectangle that is divided by a net.


 Scores are made in this game by the players striking the shuttlecock with the racquet so that it crosses the net and lands into the opposite team court.


 The shuttlecock is usually made of a cork and feathers which always lands on the cork side due to its aerodynamics.

                                                                    Badminton though it sounds like a simple game it improves your health significantly.


 It is a total body workout. It is also a great stretching exercise for all the muscles because to reach the shuttlecock we stretch a lot to reach.


Also it helps in improving our body metabolism.


Other than its physical advantages it also some mental advantages that is it improves your mental concentration.


 As we will be completely concentrating on the shuttlecock and always trying to reach it, it improves our concentration.


And some researches prove that it also has some advantages related to the vision, because we will be moving our eye ball quite often to track the shuttle cock and reach it, it will also improve our eye vision and health.


                                                                   There are many things in this game which makes it interesting to play like the game rule terminology for example “love all”, “service over”, “change ends” etc.


 Due to all these factor it has become such a famous game in most of the Asian countries so one should try to play this game to know how much fun it is.






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