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The big question in tennis since the last year has been who is greater Federer or Sampras? Federer's 15 Grand Slam Titles is just one ahead of Sampras.  There is a possibility that Federer could retire without adding substantially to his 15 Slams.  Once Federer too joins Sampras in history books after retirement, then the next generation is bound to ask.  Who is greater?

The best indicator to judge any player in any discipline are statistics.  Here Federer wins the battle comfortably.  Just have  a look at some of his records which are amazing to say the least.

Of the last 18 finals, Federer has appeared in 17 of them.  (The only blot was his loss to Djokovic in semifinals of 2008 Australian Open).  That means once he decides to participate in a Grand Slam, Federer is assured of a place in a final.  Taking this factor alone into consideration, he qualifies to be the greatest player of all time.

Federer has reached the semi finals of 22 consecutive Grand Slams.  That shows his remarkable adaptability on all surfaces.  Sampras performances has been miserable in French Open on clay.  Other than Wimbledon played on  grass, Sampras has failed to maintain consistency in the other 3 Grand Slams.

Records are meant to be broken, and many of Federer's records could be broken in the future, but his amazing run of consistency in making Grand Slams will be hard to beat, thereby making Federer the greatest player of all time