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I came across a new PC game known popularly as Counter Strike.I played it once and after 1 month i found that i was addicted to it.Not only this game but there are many games either racing,arcade or first man shooter games etc. are just addictive games.Once u start playing them it is very hard to leave them.Many of us spend a lot of money in cyber cafes to play them or to buy them.These games are nothing but wastage of time.

I started playing this game when i was in 11Th class and as expected i ruined my whole 1 year.When i reached 12Th my basics were too weak and i always standed at the backward position in my class.Many of us playing these games waste our time n money ruining our lives.

Here are some of the disadvantages for PC gaming addiction

1) We spend most of our precious free time in front of the computer

2) We just ignore everyone around us and just stick to the PC.

3) It is impossible for us to control PC use.

4) WE get irritated if we aren't playing or sitting on the PC.

5) Increase in anger.We even scream for small things

6) Loose many of our talents.

7) Loss of memory.We are not able to remember things for a long time.

8) The violence in the games sometimes affects on our mind at a high level and a violent nature is observed within the player.

What should be done for such a matter?Is ban to PC a good option.Of course not,because a PC can also provide us imp. information.I insist that "Parents must take responsibilitiy"

They should not scold their child.They should encourage him to play educational games They must allow the child to use the PC for a limited time period.They should keep an eye on him because he may enjoy playing somewhere else.

All games are not bad.All games do not incite violence.But it is must that th parents do check these things or they can ruin their child's whole life.

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