Physical exercise is very important in today’s routine life cycle. The Urban people life like a machine now-a-days.

Whereas the rural are very fit than urban people due to their physical work like walking, working in farm etc..

Here I am happy to say few points about the importance of exercise in our life.


Physical exercise is very important for normal working condition of our body. Lack of physical exercise leads to disease and ill-health. By exercising our body becomes fit and flexible to do work in any degree. Stresses and Strains can be completely eliminated by doing exercise. By regular exercising our mental ability for listening is increased a lot.


Benefits of Exercise:


· By regular exercise the food intake of an individual increases rapidly which helps in his fitness and health. Proper metabolism rate can also be maintained by exercise.

· By regular exercise the nervous system automatically becomes stable and works properly. The blood flows equally in all parts of the body.

· All the internal parts of the body are active and excited by doing regular exercises. The arteries, veins, capillaries which are called blood tubules functions properly and carry blood equally to all part of our body.

· Excess fat can be eliminated and cholesterol is kept under control by exercise. Obesity problems never occur for person who exercises.

· The person who exercises regularly is very active than the other who doesn’t do any physical exercise.

· The Physical problems like leg pain while walking a long distance and back pain while sitting in front of a computer can be eliminated by performing regular exercises.

· The diseases never attack easily for the person who keeps himself fit enough.

· The more importantly the life span of a person is also increased by regular exercises like walking, jogging, stretching etc..

· If an individual is fit can perform any kind of work both physically and mentally in a very active manner.

· The Physical exercise like walking helps to keep the patients suffering from diabetes in control. Blood pressure is also controlled.




Therefore every individual should realize the importance of Physical exercise and perform it regularly. As the proverb says “HEALTH IS WEALTH”.


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