The place where human beings never kill any creature on this earth for the sake of food is a New Golden world. Every creature comes to this world to be happy. So there is no right to kill creatures.  Every human being should be comfortable, happy, having vegetarian food. So we will be happy and every creature on the earth will also be happy such world is known as “New Golden World”.

                The world where a human being lives without any ill problems is known as “New Golden World”. People who concentrate on breathe and perform meditation, there heart gets purified. So that the 72 beats of heart will receive universal power then we will be completely healthy. So the world without illness is known as “New Golden World”.

                The human being who do meditation and have universal power as their food. Such world is known as “New Golden World”. Doing meditation and having food 3 times a day, then we may become ill. People who have 2 times a day will be good and people who have food 1 time a day will become a saint. After they have fruits and universal energy or power. Such human being where they live is known as “New Golden world”.

                The human who is always happy their world is New Golden World. The people who do meditation regularly. They always be happy in their life and their world will be” New Golden World”.

The human beings who know about the birth and assuming their present birth as last birth. Such world is known as “New Golden World”.  The people who do meditation and view the previous life and they stop repeating the mistakes of previous birth.

                The ignorance of the human will be threw into fire and smash it. In many births we are having characters of female and male and many characters. But we are not body , we are sole. By studying the birth with knowledge and making this as a last human birth. Such world is known as “ New Golden World”.

                The place where violence is not there such human world is known as “New Golden World”. Every creature in this world has a right to live happy. Protecting all creatures in this world is the human responsibility. The place where there is no difference of religion, caste, status and where human being will be as one such world is known as “New Golden World”.

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