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  I was a small boy when John Wayne died in 1979. But even at that age  I loved the films of John Wayne and watched them in cinema halls with

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  I was a small boy when John Wayne died in 1979. But even at that age  I loved the films of John Wayne and watched them in cinema halls with

                            Meditation is a technique by which person gets beyond the thinking mind into a deeper state of relaxation.Actually meditation is deep and reflective contemplation,especially on religious or spiritual theme.Select a client,solitary room,corner,where you are not to be disturbed.The telephone,pager should not be with you.The room should be dimly lit.A pleasing and soothing ambience make meditation pleasure.Suitable color scheme create a calming atmosphere.Soft lamp and candle light in evening and natural light in daytime.You can set up a picture of your God,Guru with you.Get up early in the morning .Period of 3 hours before sunrise is known as 'brahma mahoorat' and is favourable for meditation.Initially meditate 15 to 20 min.-twice a day.Increase meditation gradually,one long meditation - 1 hour meditation every week.If you feel pain in any part of boby during meditation ,do not move.Concentrate on pain and observe it so it disappear it soon.

                      Stages of meditation-1 relaxation 2 concentration 3 expansion

                      1 relaxation-Before sitting in meditation ,relax your body and mind .do savasana and deep breathing.After that assume sitting posture ,spine erect,chest up,shoulder back,relax abdomen.Then tightening muscles,start with feet ,moving upward to calves,knees,thighs,buttocks,abdomen,chest,neck,hands,arms,shoulders,jaws.clench and unclench the teeth.Then relax facial,mouth,eye muscle.Finally relax the brain.Then fix your attention on your following centers-1)The spiritual heart.It lies in the middle of yhe chest.2)The point between two eyebrows.3)The top of the head.

                       2 concentration-It involve with faith and interest and should not involve with mental strain.methods-a)concentrate on a manta,a holy name.It can be a word or syllable which signifies God or truth.The shorter the mantra ,the better.like-Om,Rama,satnaam,Iesus,Allah so on.b)visualise the Lord.-Imaging the picture of Krishna,Rama,Jesus.concentrate on face of lord especially eyes.c)concentrate on breathing.

                       3 expansion-In final stage ,consciousness is expanded .Inwardly attune yourself to presence of eight qualities of God.These qualities are-light,sound,power,wisdom,calmness,pease,love,joy.

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