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From the 8th century the Muslim invaders began to make forays into Hindustan and by the 12th century the entire North India and the throne at Delhi had
At one time Russia rivaled the USA as a global power, but then came Gorbochov and we all know that Russia broke up into 18 states. This was also the end
Riding a bike in the hills is a matter of great pleasure. It is also an adventure, to be relished long after it has past.  Riding a bike in the

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Subhas Chandra Bose was a rival of Gandhi and during the war he threw his lot with the Fascist powers and joined them. He had a one point agenda to overthrow
At one time Russia rivaled the USA as a global power, but then came Gorbochov and we all know that Russia broke up into 18 states. This was also the end
I had in an earlier post pointed out that the great Hindu warrior  Hemu was struck by an arrow in his eye in the third battle of Panipat and lost
Garlic This is known to every one in the world.With out this there is less recipes prepared.There is no home with out this in our india.This one of the best home remedy which cures many disease's. Advantages of garlic 1.The recent studies said by taking garlic regularly helps to reduce stroke attack.Our prime minister lal bahadhur sastri used to take this in early morning. 2.The taking garlic regularly also helps to reduce BP. 3.This is used mostly in all Ayurvedic elements. 4.Garlic is having most antioxidant's which protect body against premature ageing. 5.Taking garlic daily also prevents us from deadly cancer. 6.Taking of garlic helps to reduce of fats and carbohydrates in the body. 7.This is considered as useful spice in our india with many uses. 8.When this is taken in reasonable quantity it is good for digestion also. 9.This is good for heart as well as blood. 10.It improves resistance power in the body. 11.Due to this intake regularly helps to increase white blood cells in the body. 12.In winter season intake of garlic helps to prevent from cold. 13.Taking of one clove garlic cut in to two pieces and drink them with one glass of milk helps to reduce excessive fat just in 45 days. 14.Garlic helps in lowering lower Blood sugar. 15.Garlic can alone cure tuberculosis it is also called as pulmonary. Garlic intake in some places of india. 1.In north India especially in Maharashtra people use garlic chutney to have with roti or dosa. 2.In rajasthan they will make garlic chutney is taken with Dal bati. 3.In Andhra pradesh there will be no food item with out garlic. The disadvantages of garlic: 1.It must not taken as raw because it cannot control any disease. 2.This is having high sulphar which is not suitable for every individual. 3.Eating raw garlic causes burns in mouth. 4.This is having the side effect when it is bleeding it must not be given because it increases bleeding and decreases platelets count in the body. 5.It induces something called Gastro-oesophaegeal reflux disease which we commonly man by the term heart burn.
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