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People like to watch war; but they talk incessantly about peace. They know that war cannot create peace, but it destroys evils. Human mind hates evils;

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Dementia is a condition characterized by cognitive impairment. It not only affects the elderly but also the adulthood. It makes the person difficult to remember, communicate or learn. Initially, dementia is exhibited only in the form of symptoms like memory loss and trouble in thinking, whereas in the later stage, disruptive behavior is also found


Dementia could either occur as a result of brain injury, disease in the body, unhealthy lifestyle or due to mental stress. The symptoms of Dementia are of two types namely, reversible and irreversible. Some of the symptoms are listed below:

  • Memory loss characterized by increased forgetfulness
  • Incapable of remembering even the latest and familiar tasks
  • Improper communication due to inability to remember the familiar words
  • Disorientation with place and time
  • Improper understanding leads to poor judgment
  • They tend to lose their activeness
  • Improper placing of things
  • Reduction in the power of concentration
  • Alterations in personality and behavior

Recent Studies on the role of Diet in Dementia:

There are numerous studies focused on the role of diet in the treatment and prevention of dementia. Some of the recent studies on the subject are summarized below:

  • Oily fish being a very good source of omega 3-fatty acids are very helpful in the cognitive development of humans. Thus fish consumption is considered as one of the diet factor responsible in preventing dementia.
  • Moderate alcohol intake also reduces the risk of dementia in older individuals. This is because of the long term cognitive protection delivered by the alcohol intake at moderate levels
  • It is proved that the intake of coffee is directly related in lowering the risk of dementia because of the presence of the brain stimulator, caffeine
  • The intake of antioxidant rich fresh red wine, fruits and vegetables also delays the onset of dementia by acting as a harmful oxygen molecule scavenger.

However the use of diet as a measure of treatment is not found to bring in a positive effect because of the fact that a long term consumption of the diet is essential in order to bring up cognitive changes. Hence consuming a healthy and balanced diet, leading a stress free life and regular exercise could definitely prevent the onset of the dreadful cognitive disorder, the Dementia.

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