Since ancient times mankind believes salt will not only spice that improves the taste of food but also medicine, able to efficiently deal with the many and infirmities. Salt is taken orally and used as compresses, body wraps, masks, skin diseases, the salt is capable of warm and long to keep warm - so often salt is used as heaters. Salt tends to pick up the excess liquid on himself, this property is used to treat swellings on the skin. 
Salt also enhances the action of many drugs, is capable of pulling the body of mucus and pus, and to treat inflammation and ulcers, to fight infections and viruses. Any salt to enhance human health can play a very important role and be an indispensable remedy. 

Internal and external application of salt, as medicines. 

In modern medicine, healing properties of salt are used in the fight against the following diseases: 

- Hypotension. If a man had signs of sleepiness, fatigue, as the active work and at rest, weakness, a certain lethargy, dizziness, torture frequent headaches, you can eat two or three slices of bread, cool sprinkle with salt, per day, and unpleasant symptoms will soon disappear, and people suffering from low blood pressure feel much better. 

- Decreased gastric acidity, gipoatsidny gastritis. In the stomach, normal human should be a high concentration of hydrochloric acid for normal digestion. The absence of acid at gipoatsidnom gastritis leads to a violation of the whole process of digestion. To increase the acidity of the stomach to ten minutes before a meal to eat a slice of bread, cool sprinkle with salt - this will help your stomach work out the necessary amount of hydrochloric acid to the basic food intake, eliminate the heaviness in the stomach and belching after a meal to help digestion. 

- Hypokinesia biliary tract, or poor flow of bile from the gallbladder. You need to put a pinch of salt under the tongue in the event of pain or heaviness in the stomach. A few minutes later comes a noticeable relief of pain significantly reduced or held at all. Of course, with long, very severe pain should consult a doctor! 

- Chronic blood loss. In the state of man when he loses a lot of blood, or a way of life leads to a decrease in hemoglobin level, diseases associated with lack of production of red blood cells in the body - a condition after surgery, blood loss, trauma, loss of fluids and salts in hot climate, work on a hot industry, as a result of prolonged dyspepsia and toxic states - in the body there is a violation of electrolyte balance, which affects all organs and systems of rights. It is recommended to drink daily 3.2 cocktail of salt: 1 teaspoon salt in a glass of water at room temperature. 

- Poisoning. When intoxication arising from contaminated food or chemical means to call a doctor, but before his arrival should drink 2-3 cups of salted water: 1 teaspoon salt in a glass of water at room temperature. This will help prevent further absorption of toxins in the gut. 

- Fatigue, or chronic fatigue syndrome. Increased intake of salt with food helps to cope with these unpleasant conditions. Within a day or two, the person feels better. Increase the number of accepted salt is especially recommended for the state of the spring beriberi and emerging signs of concomitant depression. 

External application of salt. 

The use of salt as drugs, inside - that's not all. Wonderful properties of salt are fully disclosed in its external application. Since ancient times salt was treated various diseases, and its capabilities are known to most experts as a traditional medicine and folk medicine, voodoo. 

Salt to strengthen our health has a crucial role because: 

- Salt is a great storage heat and cold, and as a consequence, it can be successfully cooled and heated areas of the body. 

- Salt is very active can absorb moisture from the tissues, so the saline solution has the ability to draw the pus out of wounds and ulcers, dry a little wound and promote healing. 

- At present salt antibacterial properties. Salt helps to save people from many, if not all, skin infections. 

- Salt is an irritant skin properties. Salt in the form of compresses and rastirok causes a rush of blood to the skin, it significantly accelerates regeneration of damaged skin, renews skin cells and even enhances hair growth. 

- Salt actively influence the tone of the skin under the influence of salt baths or lotions skin has elasticity, good turgor and elasticity. 

- Salt when heated produces a portion of their ions in the air. Dense ionized air - it's dry inhalations, which are of great importance in the treatment of respiratory diseases, bronchitis, and even long-standing asthma. 

Sea salt for health and beauty treatments, baths has also additional functions - the enrichment of the body with iodine. Along with sea salt in a person's skin comes a huge complex of nutrients. Local effects of sea salt will increase the therapeutic and cosmetic effects of procedures, give your skin the necessary amount of magnesium, potassium, calcium and iodine. 

How could properly be treated with salt? 

Salt can cure the common cold and viral diseases, acute respiratory disease from the banal to influenza and chronic bronchitis: 

1) Salt to ignited in the pan. Then pour it into a linen bag, sewn from cotton or linen, and put the bag of salt at the feet of the patient. Keep the bag at the feet of the patient need to as long as people do not warm up properly and not propoteet. The procedure can be repeated many times. 

2) Take the socks made of natural, better than coarse wool, rub them with salt and put the patient on his feet. The salt creates a specific microclimate for the foot, and in such form of treatment will stimulate the reflex zones and points on the foot of the patient. 

3) Wool socks to rub salt in the previous version, then pour into each of them a little dry mustard and red hot pepper. With this method of treatment of the warming effect will be even stronger. 

If the cold is complicated by a chronic runny nose, bronchitis, sinusitis, it is necessary to mix salt with hot mustard or pepper (per kilogram of salt - 3-4 tablespoons. Tablespoons mustard or pepper). To put the patient on his legs thin cotton socks, then lower legs in a basin where pre-cooked dry, pour the hot mixture of salts. Basin must be metal. Need to take a salt bath for as long as the salt is not cool. This heating process can be applied up to 6-7 times a day. 

When sinus to a solution of salt with chamomile (chamomile infusion in a glass - 1 tbsp. Spoonful of salt) to warm up so that the drug was warm but not scalding the nasal mucosa. This solution needed to rinse your nose, digging a pipette, or pulling the solution into the nostrils of the palms. Mucosa under the action of salt can quickly be cleaned, and the healing properties of chamomile decoction remove germs and significantly reduce inflammation. The effectiveness of this method many times stronger, if, instead of regular table salt use sea salt, which can be purchased at any pharmacy. 

After washing the nasal passages have to do warm up procedure. A handful of salt is heated in a frying pan to about 60 degrees, add the salt, half a head chopped or squeezed garlic. Mixture to pass in a linen bag and immediately attach it to the sinuses.Keep a bag of salt until it cools down. After warming up to lubricate the skin with fat cream. Procedure is carried out once daily, preferably before bedtime. 

At disease cystitis should ignited salt, shift it into a spacious linen bag or pillow case, omitted in his patient's feet and keep them in the tub to dry until the salt is not cool. This procedure should be carried out in cystitis, urethritis and inflammatory diseases of the kidneys 5-6 times a day. 

Diarrhea, food poisoning can be prepared from the salt cure: from the fresh bread crumb to make a pancake, pour into it two pinches of salt and roll the ball the size of a cherry. This pill to swallow with a glass of water. These "pills" can be taken 3-4 times a day. It also means a hot day can prevent thirst and excessive sweating, delaying the necessary moisture in the body. 

When a toothache, pain in throat to rinse the mouth and throat with saline solution of 1 cup of water and a tablespoon of salt. This rinse should be used as often as possible. In addition, when a toothache can put a few large crystals of salt between the cheek and the sick tooth, hold the salt until dissolved. This procedure can be applied 5-6 times a day. 

When pustular skin diseases, acne, pus eruptions to wipe the affected skin with warm gruel fine salt, or just hot salt. For a person can make a mask: the salt mixed with a little water to form a paste. Apply it on clean face and neck, hold for 15 minutes. Rinse with warm water, then lubricate the skin of any cream. 

To carry out salt baths for skin diseases, eczema, as well as to relax and tone the skin to take the salt at the rate of 2-3 kg in the bath, the best sea, dissolve in warm water bath and lie in it half an hour. Salt baths used 1 time per week. 

For dry inhalations for bronchitis and colds need a skillet heat the salt to about 60 degrees, then put salt on top of herbs: chamomile, marjoram, mint, cinnamon, St. John's wort, thyme, eucalyptus leaves, birch, pine needles, etc., as well as finely chopped onion, garlic, ginger - choice. On the amount of salt in 1 kg to take a handful of certain herbs or herbal mixtures. These dry inhalation positive action immediately to all family members and are both excellent treatment of cough and flu prevention. 

To strengthen the hair, dandruff, oily seborrhea, itchy scalp, as well as to reduce the fat content of the hair before washing your hair is useful to make salt rubbing salt in the hair roots. To do this you need to take a fine salt, a little heated. The procedure is best done in the bath. Salt to rub into dry scalp massages hands. Vterev salt and hold it for 10 minutes, then rinse with warm water. After the saline wash your hair mask a mild shampoo. 

In cosmetology salt successfully used as a means for peeling the skin: a very fine salt to put on wet skin and gently massages the movements to rub the skin. This procedure facilitates micro-massage the skin, improve skin elasticity and improve color.

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