Today many persons are suffering with a bad fat in their body.Every day doing excercise will reduce fat but we are having some home remedies with this we can burn fat in our body to make slim and trim.But we need fat in our body to function bone lubrication that must be in limited quantity. Here are some home remedies which are used to burn fat easily.   1.Ginger:This is the common herb which is available to you in home.This is the best one to reduce fat in the body. How to take:1)This can be taken with teaspoon of ginger with milk.                        2)By taking this with a hot soup or having giner tea. 2.Wheat Grass:This is another herb which is used to burn fat in our body. For this we need some hard work.This is having a fibre in good ammounts and it is rich in iron,minerals,magnesuim and protein which is more higher than greeny vegetables and sprouts. How to take:This can be taken in the form of juice. 3.Cayenne Pepper:This is also available for us in our kitchen.This is having the accelarating rate for the digestion in body.This is a powerfull fat burner.This must be taken in a little proportions. How to take:This must be taken with the suggestion of doctor. 4.Orange:The natural remedie available in nature to burn fat normally with the help of this.This is having the quality of citrus.It speeds up metabolism rate and it slowly cuts down the fat normally. How to take:This can be taken daily as a fruit or in the form of juice. 5.Green tea :This is the best one to burn fat easily .It is having the antioxidant rich in their leaves having this daily helps you burn extra calories and keepy you fit. How to take:Having daily  2 cups of grean tea. These are the best homeremedies to burn fat easily and normally with out having any side effects.Doing excercise daily along with this home remedies helps to burn fat easily.  

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