"An apple a day keeps the doctor away" that's the famous saying, but here are some tasty day-to-day solutions to keep the doctor away!.

Most of us may know the importance of steamed food,the goodness of common fruits,vegetables,grains, etc.,And we try to eat the same thing again and again in the name of diet and nutrition.Yes they are good for our health.But apart from the usual we have some unique delectable foods that turn out to be potent medicines.

The healing properties of some spices, fruits and plants have been used for several centuries.


One of the best known kithen curers of all time, ginger has been used medically for the past five thousand years.Ginger contains chemical compunds that can reduce intestinal contractions and neutralize digestive acids and can sometimes be used for inducing 'vomit'.


Ginger, taken with your tea or simply with water and sugar can help you combat travel sickness.

Doctors prescribe asprin because it 'thins' the blood, ginger does the same but without the side effects.

Ginger taken with honey can ease throat pains and hels to curb cough.#Natural ginger or 'root ginger' is better than powdered ginger.And most often ginger with sugar, adds flavour to tea, and it is good for your health too!.



it helps to make the mucus watery and easy to drain it from the body.When heated the punbgent smell from the mustard, when inhaled can ease breathing by removing blockage in nose if any.It is due to the presence of sinigirin and myrosin that is contained in mustard.

There are many varities of mustard like black, brown and white but white mustard is not as hot as the black variety.Mustard can also be used to induce vomit.


It is an excellent source of  beta carotin and vitamin C.It may be useful in relieving nasal congestion.Chillies or hot peppers add spice and taste to your food.Chillies especially green ones have more nutrition than the red ones.


They are good source of antioxidants and as stated befor ,beta carotin and vitamin C.

In some cases,chillies are used to ease the pain from the chemo therapy(process for curing cancer)

There is no threat of ulcer or indigestion if chillies are taken in controlled amounts.

But chillies do cause irritation when sensitive skin is expose to it like a small injury,your eye,etc.,


You get a sharp taste of tang when you sip a piece of lemon.But that's not all, you also get loads of vitamin C.A single lemon contains 40mg of vitamin C- the daily requirement for our body.


The body uses vitamin C to strengthen the immunity cells and helps manufacture collagen.Clollagen is the tissue-building substance that assits in healing a wound.

Lemon zest-a type of antioxidant plant chemical is rich in bioflavonoid called rutin that strengthens capillary walls,veins.

Also lemon with tea is a favorite drink,especially cold leamon tea!.

Lemon is used in skin creams that reduce the marks due to ageing.


There are more number of bacteria in your body than the number of cells in your body,and only a limited numer of them are useful to our body.The vast majority of intestinal bacteria are beneficial.The active bacteria in curd  helps protect your body from harmful bacteria.


Research indicates that a cup of curd everyday helps increase the amounts of gamma interferon, a protein produced by white blood cells that assist immune system in fighting germs.#Curd contains mostly calcium and fat, so it is healthy for growing childern.

Curd diluted with water with salt added and served cold can be consumed as a cool drink.Some prefer adding small amounts of ginger to the drink.

Grape fruits:

The pink and red varieties of grape fruits contain both beta carotene and lycopene-antioxidants.They are also high in vitamin C and potassium.They contain low calories which makes them an easy snack in hot summer days.


A cup of fresh grape fruts contain 95mg of vitamin C and 100% RDA and many more nutients.

Grape fruits contain pectin-a soluable fibre that helps reduce the blood cholesterol level.Also research shows that grape fruits are effective against prostate cancer.They also contain bioflavanoids that inhibits the growth of tumor growth.In some cases grape fruits have reduced inflamations.


They are the most effective, fat free,low calorie food.THey are rich in minerals.Studies have shown that some mushroom types helps strengthen our immune system.Also many edible mushrooms have medicinal properties.


They contain glutamic acid that helps combat infections.A variety of mushroom called Shiitake mushrooms have potent medicinal values including suppot to immune system and lowering cholestrol by enhancing the excretion of it.Most of the mushroom types contain potassium content that help reduce blood pressure.

Sweet potatoes:

Sweet potatoes are a rich source of beta carotin, folate ,potassium and vitamin C.Naturally sweet, thay are high in fibre and hence digest easily.


Sweet potatoes contains compounds that reduce cholestrol levels.When consumed along with it's outer skin,it is an excellent source for fibre.The beta carotin found in sweet potatoes helps lower the risk of heart related diseases.Also sweet potatoes are good source of energy,with less fat.


The vinegar's sharp flavour comes from it's high concentration of acetic acid,which is formed when bacterias digest fermented liquids.It's a suitable disinfectant for minor wounds like a scratch or sore.

Unflavoured Vinegar will banish the unpleasent smell from bacterias due to moist,dirt(like in your cloths,armpits etc.,).Studies show that jelly fish stings and mosquito bites can be relieved by using vinegar,since it neutralizes the pain causing sbstance in skin.

Some suggest making cough syrup using cider vinegar and equal amounts of honey.Only cider vinegar is rich in health benefits,though other types of vinegar are useful to some extent.

Aloe vera:

The gel that you get when you cut an aloe vera leaf, is rich in anti-inflamatory compounds as well as a compound that hels as a painkiller.There are products containing aloe vera but there is no subtitute for the real thing,you can grow a plan easity at home.It helps reduce pains from sunburns,skin burs,cuts and minor wounds.Also studies show that they are good for reducing cracks in your foot.


Happy eating!

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