Anjeer Halwa

Anjeer halwa


Anjeer - 100g

Sugar - 100g

Kaju - 10

Milk - According to the necessity

Ghee - 4 spoons


1. Take a bowl, add Milk in it and then Anjeer.

2. Let Anjeer soak in milk for half an hour.

3. By using mixy, grind the anjeer with milk finely.

4. Now place wide bowl on the stove and add ghee in it.

5. Let the ghee melt and then add 5 kaju in it.

6. Let the kajus fry.

7.Now add anjeer grinded mixture and sugar in it.

8. Then stir continuously , so that it won't stick to the bowl.

9. Now make powder of the remaining 5 kajus.

10.When the mixture gets thicken then add kaju powder in it.

11. Then again stir the mixture until the mixture become more thicker.

12. Now take a plate and apply ghee to it.

13. Now pour the mixture on this plate and spread the mixture completely on the plate.

14. Then garnish it with chopped  kaju and badam.

15. After it get cool then cut the mixture into pieces.

16. Therefore, Anjeer halwa is ready.

About Anjeer Halwa:

Anjeer Halwa is sweet made of Anjeer. This sweet is very simple. By seeing the sweet our  mouth water and we tempt to have it. It is very interesting. We can prepare this with in no time. It is very easy, just we need to boil all the ingredients and spread that mixture on plate and cut it into pieces. When we keep this sweet in our mouth, it will melt automatically. The taste of is amazing. Mostly this sweett is served in functions. Childrens love to have it. All age group people can have but diabetes people are not allowed to have it as it is more sugar content one. I hope you also prepare it and serve in your home then all your family members will praise you. You can also distribute to your relatives and neighbours too. Then they will surely like it and they will try know the recipe. If you offer this to the people who visit your house they will feel happy. You also try and enjoy the taste. If you have any experiences with this sweet, share them through your comments.

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