Here comes my fantastic friday menu for all members of the family.


Kara Adai


Raw Rice               - 1 cup
Toor Dal                 -1/2 cup
Channa Dal             -1/2 cup
Dry red Chillies       -8
Ginger                    -3 tbsp
Saunf                     -2 tbsp
Jeera                     -1 tbsp
Small Onion            -3/4 cup
Curry leaf              -2 tbsp
Hing                       -1 tbsp
Salt                        -as required
Oil                          -as required

Method Of Preparation

1.Soak the raw rice,toor dal and channa dal in water together for atleast 1.5 to 2 hours.

2.Grind the ingredients of step(1) with saunf,jeera,dry red chillies and ginger.

3.We don't need a very soft mixture for preparing Adai.The batter should not be too lose or soft.

4.Chop the small onions and curry leaves in to fine pieces.

5.Add the chopped onions,curry leaves,hing and salt to the ground adai batter and mix it well.

6.Place the tawa on medium heat.

7.Pour a laddle full of batter in the center and spread it outwards from the center.

8.Pour sufficient amount of oil around the adai and cover it with a lid.

9.Cook the adai on both sides.

10.I bet the color,the crispness and the aroma of the adai will not only draw the attention of your family but also others.

11.It goes good with "Coconut Chutney".


You can add drumstick leaves to the adai to enhance the taste and aroma.

Benefits of Drumstick leaves

The drumstick leaves are rich in iron,calcium and aminoacids.Consuming soup prepared by boiling drumstick leaves aids increasing the immunity of children.It helps in increasing the bone strength and also it purifies the blood.

Coconut Chutney for Adai


Small Coconut                -1/2 portion
Roasted Bengal Gram    -a handful
Green chillies                 -5
Ginger                           -1 tbsp
Salt                                -as required
Oil                                  -as required
Water                            -as required

For Tadka

Mustard seeds                -1 tbsp
Broken Urad Dal              -1 tbsp
Curry Leaves                 -1 tbsp

Method Of preparation

1.Scrap the coconut using a scrapper.

2.Add the scrapped coconut,roasted bengal gram,green chillies,grated ginger,water,and salt in to a mixer and grind it well.

3.Heat oil in a pan and add the mustard seeds,broken urad dal and curry leaves.

4.Once the mustard seeds splutter,add the ground mixture stir it once and turn off the flame.

5.The coconut chutney should be thick in consistency as it would be a right combination for adai.


Kootu Rice


Cauliflower           -1/4 cup
Chow Chow         -1/4 cup
Brinjal                   -1/4 cup
Carrot                   -1/4 cup
Beans                   -2 to 4
Toor dal                -1/2 cup
Dry red chillies     -3
Coconut               -5 tbsp
Jeera                   -1 tbsp
Mustard seeds    -1 tbsp
Broken Urad dal  -1 tbsp
Turmeric powder -1/4 tbsp
Salt                       -as required
Oil                         -as required

Method Of Preparation

1.Wash all the vegetables thoroughly in water.

2.Cut the vegetables in to small pieces.

3.Pressure cook all the vegetables with toor dal,turmeric powder and salt.

4.Turn off the cooker after 3 whistles.

5.Grind the scrapped coconut,dry red chillies and jeera in a mixer.

6.Heat oil in a pan and add the mustard seeds,broken urad dal and the curry leaves.

7.Once the mustard seeds splutter add the cooked vegetables-dal along with the (coconut,jeera and dry red chillies)ground mixture.

8.Allow it to cook for 2 to 3 minutes and turn off the flame.

9.Pack white rice and the kootu in seperate tupperware boxes.

10.A healthy lunch for the entire family.

Evening Snacks

Dahi Poori


Curd                               - 1 cup
Corriander                      -handful
Pudina                            -handful
Maida                             -1/2 cup
Rawa                              -2 tbsp
Potato                             -1
Garam masala powder  -1 tbsp
Amchoor powder           -1/4 tbsp
Chat masala powder      -1/4 tbsp
Salt                                 -as required
Water                             -as required
Oil                                  -as required

Method of Preparation

1.Mix the maida with rawa and water and prepare a dough.Oil can aslo be added to it to make the dough soft.

2.Prepare small pooris and fry the pooris in oil.

3.Boil the potates.

4.Peel of the skin,mash the potatoes and keep it aside.

5.Half of corriander and half of pudina must be ground to a fine paste.

6.Mix the mashed potatoes with the corriander and pudina paste.

6.Crush the poris,spread the curd over it,add the mashed potatoes(dipped in corriander pudina paste) and sprinkle the garam masala powder,amchoor powder,chat masala and salt over it.

7.Serve it with freshly chopped corriander and pudina leaves.

Benefits of Dahi

Dahi is rich in protein and calcium.It is liked by almost all children.It aids easy digestion and it helps to enhance the immune system.


Rawa Dosa


Rice flour       -1/2 cup
Maida             -1/2cup
Rawa             -1.5 cup
small onion     -1/2cup
Green chillies -5
Jeera              -1/2tbsp
Curry Leaves  -5
Salt                   -as required
Oil                    -as required

Method of Preparation

1.Prepare a batter by mixing maida,rawa and rice flour with water.

2.The consistency of the batter should be very thin.

3.Chop the small onions and green chillies in to fine pieces.

4.Mix the chopped onions,green chillies and jeers seeds to the batter,stir it well with your hands and keep it aside for one hour.

5.Place the tawa on low flame.

6.Prepare thin dosas and pour oil around the rawa dosas.

7.Cook the dosas on both sides till it turns golden brown.

8.Serve the hot rawa dosas with coconut chutney.

Hope you all enjoyed reading my article.Meet you all in my next article "Sizzling saturday Menu".


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