Dry coconut – 4

Maida -1/2kg

Sugar- ½ kg

Elachi – 6

Oil – according to the need

Process –

Chop the dry coconut into tiny pieces. Now mix sugar in the chopped dry coconut. Soak this mixture for 4-5 hours without using water. Now mix Maida in the soaked mixture. Now make mould of this mixture in biscuit forms. Place bowl on the stove, add oil in such a way so that we can do deep fry of these biscuit moulds. Take a plate, place a tissue paper on the plate and now take the fried biscuits on to the plate. The tissue paper will absorb the oil from the biscuits and it will be light to eat these biscuits. The coconut biscuits are very tasty and crispy to eat. I hope you all make this snack and enjoy its taste.




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