Thich coconut milk - 1/2 litres

eggs - 7

brown sugar - 1cup

Rose water - table spoon

chopped coconut - 2 table spoon


1. set 180 degree centigrade in overn and let it heat upto that temperature.

2. Take a bowl

3. Add coconut milk, eggs, brown sugar and rose water.

4. Now mix all these ingrediants thoroughly by beating finely.

5. Now pour this mixture in the baking dish.

6. Then sprinkle chopped coconut on it.

7. Now place this bowl with a mixture in oven.

8. Let it bake  upto 30 minutes.

9.After 30 minutes off the oven , take the bowl out and the baked mixture into pieces.

10.Serve these pieces into serving bowl.

11.We can garnish it with chopped coconut.

12.therefore custard squares are ready.

About custard sqquares:

The custard squares recipe is very easy to prepare. this is prepared by using oven. Custard squares are snacks which are sweet in taste.these can be eatten by any age group people and even sugar paitents also can have. there will be no problem to them. these are very crispy to eat. Mostly childrens love to eat them. these can be stored for months.This is very simple dish . We just bake and mix all the ingrediants, there is no neeed of hard working. these snacks gives a great look if we offer when any of our relatives friends and any special persons come to our house. As these are very tasty to eat they will surely try to know the recipe details and try in their houses. I hope you prepare these and try. enjoy the taste. Impress your relatives, friends and family members. Every one will price your preparation. you will get lots of complements and even prices. So if you have any douts, experiences and opinons please let me know through comments. The main ingrediant we used in this recipe for taste is cooking brown sugar. thank you

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