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Tan is caused when we go out from home without SPF lotion and expose to sun. A reddish brown layer is formed on exposed parts, and looks uneven in complexion when compared to other parts of the body


It is very easy to remove tan with this simple home remedies.


Take besin (flour) mix with rose water if skin is oily, mix with milk if skin is dry. Make a fine paste and apply on tanned parts for 30 min. Scrub it with water. Don’t use soap or face wash for next six hours. Use twice or thrice in week. In month time you say good bye to that ugly tan!


You can also use basin with honey, few drops of lemon, half pinch of turmeric. Make thin paste of the mixture apply it for half an hour. Wash it .Use it twice in week.


Another remedy to remove tan is papaya, apply papaya paste for 20 min every day .For best results use it continuously for fifteen days .


Honey mixed with few drops of lemon, apply for 20 minutes. Helps in removing tan, when used continuously for ten to fifteen days.


Few drops of lemon with sugar powder also helps in removing tan. Apply for fifteen to thirty minutes Use twice in a week for almost a month.


Orange peel powder mixed with milk or rose water helps in removing tan .Make fine paste apply for thirty minutes .Once in a week for two months.


Hope all the above remedies help you in removing tan and get back to your original complexion.


If you have any queries, please ask me.


Thank you


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