Asthma is a chronic disease of the airways. From time to time, by irritating substances or substances which the patient is allergic, in a cold or after a hard effort can an asthma attack occur. It is characterized by inflammation and narrowing of the airways, making them is an increased production of mucus, anxiety, coughing, wheezing breathing and shortness of breath. The severity of the symptoms can vary per patient, ranging from mild to life threatening.


Facts & Figures


In developed countries get asthma more quickly, because the number of people with asthma increased from 1950. Meanwhile, this increase is stabilized and there seems to be a trend to decrease resident. Yet it is true that in the large cities one in six children has asthma.


Asthma is one of the most common chronic diseases. The number of people with asthma between 1984 and 1997 increased, especially among children. The period after the number is approximately the same.


Causes & heredity


There is not a cause for the development of asthma. The predisposition to asthma is hereditary. If one parent has asthma or allergies, then a child 50% chance of getting asthma or allergies. If both parents have asthma or allergies, then a child even 75% chance of getting asthma or allergies.


Some of the people with asthma (10%) is prolonged exposure to small particles in the work role. This is called occupational asthma.


Most people with asthma are allergic (70 to 80%). For them, the asthma triggered by allergic stimuli they breathe. The reaction then follows through antibodies of the IgE type. In 20-30% of cases there is no underlying allergic reaction and is known as "intrinsic asthma". There is a link between asthma and obesity




Asthma is a chronic disease of the airways, together with a narrowing and increased irritability of the airways. Complaints arise when people inhale irritating substances. These substances attract them anxiety, coughing or wheezing from.


Examples of these substances are:

  • · inhalation (breathing) of allergens, including:
  • · droppings and molt shuids of house
  • · pollen
  • · pollen
  • · skin of pets
  • · fungi and spores thereof
  • cold air
  • · exceeded ozone threshold
  • · physical effort
  • · infection of the airways
  • · some medicines, including aspirin
  • · food (strengthens the complaints)


Some asthma patients, especially when adequate treatment, the long-term complaints almost Friday An asthma attack can occur quite unexpectedly.




For the diagnosis, the lung function measured with a Spiro meter. Often its test is done. It examined whether the narrowing of the airways with drugs is to eliminate. Its test determines pulmonary function before and after administration of a clear airway. If someone after inhalation of clear airway a much higher value than it blows, there is likely to occur in asthma. To determine whether there is an allergy, a skin test or RAST test done.


In a skin test, the potential allergic substances are injected into the skin. If you are allergic to the substance, a swelling takes place. With a RAST test, the blood is tested for specific allergens. This test may be done in infants. A provocation test examined the response of the airways to non-allergic stimuli from outside. Several solutions are inhaled histamine in increasing strength. By measuring lung function before and after stimulation with these substances, the reaction of the airways in these substances is determined.






The main drugs in the treatment of asthma are inflammation inhibitors and airway clear. Anti-inflammatory agents combat the inflammation in the airways. As they protect the airways against incentives. Airway clear ensure that the airways wider so that an attack can be prevented or repaired. Clear Airway also helps in efforts against asthma shortness.


Other resources can complement the treatment of asthma, as anti-allergy, an annual flu against viral infections and antibiotics in an infection caused by bacteria.




For people with asthma, it is just as important for everyone not to smoke / to avoid smoking, enough to move and exercise and healthy to eat.




Some people with asthma find little sympathy in their environment. Because complaints are not always present, for other people not to see anyone 'sick'.


Children with asthma often fight against acceptance problems by the environment. It is precisely because of the absence of complaints, the child, if an attack occurs, sometimes accused of pose.

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