Now a days many women are having so much fat tummy.By taking some simple steps in there dress sense they can look normal and beautiful.

Today every fat women are feeling that they are having some fat than they others.But reducing tummy makes some time but following simple tips can reduce your tummy in a seconds.

First of all you must have some knowledge on fashion.Which colour suits you.

There are some dreses which make women in to beautifull even they are having tummy.

1.Pencil skirts-I suggested this one for women because it tucks bumps of flesh making the lower half slimmer and give a good shape to the body .It does not look tight to body.It will be more comfortable.

2.Waist-ed Briefs-This one is having a good advantage for women with tummy it makes tummy ,abdominal and buttock region giving it an even shape.

When you wear a jeans doesn't bother the body much with this high waist-ed briefs.

3.Leggings- These are light and non transparent and good tuckers.This one has elastic property of the fabric pulls your skin back to give perfect shape to the body.

It is better to choose slightly loose jeggeings so that  lower half looks even.

Now a days women are choosing kurta with jeggings.

4.Lycra Tops-This is the best material to the flabby skin.Wearing light or dark hide the belly region,arms and even magically.


5.Choose correct trousers-You must choose selected trousers that fit to your body.It must not have big pockets.

It is better to have a slim jeans and flared pants.Choosing dark coloured trousers hides the tyres and fat belly.

6.Perfect accessories-Better to have a thin beaded belt,Layered beaded neck piece and small bags this will looks you slim. This small accessories makes all eyes towards you.

Just following this small tips you look so slim and see how the boys follow you.


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