Does your Back Ache after Consistent Sitting? Some Tips to Help


Back ache or lumbago is the pain rises in the lower part of spinal cord.Back ache is the common problem in youth of US such that doctors comment that every one in adult stage suffers from it .People feel ache in their back and they suffer from pang in other parts like in hands,legs and weakness in body.The pain can affect immune system hence it can't be neglected.


Reasons for Back ache :


Back pain is usually due to breakage in disk that provides support to spinal cord.But due its breakage it pressurizes spinal cord nerves and leads to pain.Disorders in spinal cord shape lead origin of back pain.Sometimes fractures due to accident also harms the spinal cord due to which the pain remains for long time and patient has to under go continuous treatment. In other case gibbous disk stretches the main nerves and causes severe pain in adjacent leg.Arthritis is also one of the reason of backache as in this problem vacant place around spinal cord decreases and nerves are pulled inside.


Home Treatment:


If not severe pain, back pain can be cured by home remedies by massage or walk after sitting two to three hours.Yoga is proved as best remedy of aches not only of spinal cord but also removes headache and maintains the blood circulation in body.Exercises vindicate solutions of backache .After its amelioration you can learn more exercises which help to improve pliancy.Heat absorption after swimming leads to maintain spinal nerves hence this method heals the pain due to stretched nerves . But in case of no relief within two to three days then patient should move to doctor.There are several signs for serious ache like pain in legs while lying down on bed,wight loss, cachexia and feeling of back jerks.


Tips to cure Back Pain:


1.It is said that we have to sit at an angle of 90 degree that is called the proper posture of sitting however sitting at an angle of 135 degree also maintains spinal cord structure.


2.Do not crouch for long time while holding a weight because it avoids elevation of spinal cord.


3. Try to do some activities while working at work station like move back and forth even on seat for some time and move to catch up your requirements yourself which helps to maintain blood circulation.


4.If you are planing for trip then start packing prior two days.Because sudden packing causes strain in muscles results pain.


5.Try of avoid water scarcity in body.




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