DRUG ADDICTION THE WEB OF SNARE The use of drugs and intoxicants is increasing day by day. More and more people are falling victims of these evils. A large number of students and youth in particular are running their lives and weakening the foundation of India, thanks to drug addiction!  Disgusted with their failures, disappointments, frustration and depression, their desire to escape into the wonderland of joy, dreams and adventures by taking to drugs, liquor and other intoxicants. According to latest survey, at about 50 percent of college students and 60 percent of university boy , including girls in India have become drug addicts because of factors like Black future, wide spreading unemployment and failure  in love etc. really today this problem has assumed alarming situation. Drugs addiction by youths and students is bound to produce a dull and indolent generation. All this will the problem in the progress of India. Beside, Drug addiction is a very expensive habit. Further it dulls the brain and spoils the health of the addicts. In this way, drug addicts become a burden on the society. To get rid of this malady, all the factors and causes which produce frustration and depression should be tackled and eradicated. People should be effectively educated through the press and T.V. about the danger of drug addiction. Education should be purposeful and job provided so as to tackle unemployment and frustration among educated youth. Above all drug addicts should be rehabilitated in a proper manner. The sale of drug in the open market should be banual without any loss of time      

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