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From the 8th century the Muslim invaders began to make forays into Hindustan and by the 12th century the entire North India and the throne at Delhi had
Privacy is an important thing in every section. Same goes for mobile phones too. People always have something to hide from others on their mobile phone
Riding a bike in the hills is a matter of great pleasure. It is also an adventure, to be relished long after it has past.  Riding a bike in the

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Subhas Chandra Bose was a rival of Gandhi and during the war he threw his lot with the Fascist powers and joined them. He had a one point agenda to overthrow
At one time Russia rivaled the USA as a global power, but then came Gorbochov and we all know that Russia broke up into 18 states. This was also the end
I had in an earlier post pointed out that the great Hindu warrior  Hemu was struck by an arrow in his eye in the third battle of Panipat and lost

When we don't have time to go for a parlour or if parlour is expensive we can try this at home.

For oily hair - Squeeze two lemons and heat that juice till luke warm and apply on hairs.After 30 minutes wash your with your usual shampoo. 
For Dry hair - Use the above method. Just add little cocunut oil to the juice.
Take this treatment every alternate day for 5 sittings.Dandruff will be totally removed.

Hair conditioner
Curd can be used as a conditioner for hair.If curd is not available raw milk can be used.Apply raw milk in hairs and soak for 30 minutes.After washing the hair becomes soft and shiny.

Take equal quantities of coriander leaves,mint and fenugreek leaves.Wash the leaves clean and grind them.Do not add water.Apply this paste on your face,soak for 15 minutes and wash it with cold water.This should be done thrice a day for a month to get rid of pimples completely.The paste can be stored in refigerator for 3 to 4 days.

Dark Neck
Take 1-2 tbsp Besan flour.Add 1 pinch of Turmeric to it.Extract juice from a lemon and add to it. Add 2 tbsp of raw milk to make a thick paste.Apply this paste on neck and wait for for 15-20 minutes.Then remove it by rubbing in circular motion. For black rings around the neck,add some water to atta and make it like a paste. Apply this paste on the black rings and wait till the paste is dried.This has to repeated for two weeks.

Wrinkled Skin
Cut the grapes in half.Rub this in your face and wash after 30 minutes.Mix Honey & cinnamon powder.Apply this on face and wash after 30 minutes.Apply olive oil on the face at bed time.Keep it overnight and wash it with luke warm water in morning.

Acne Marks
For normal skin - Mix 15ml of glycerine and 15ml of rose water.Take 2 lemons and extract juice from it and add to the mixture.Store this in refrigerator.Before going to bed wash the face with normal soap and apply a little bit of this solution all over the face. Improvement can be seen in a week.

Body scrub
After applying the soap and working up lather,take the used coffee powder ( Filtered in a coffer filter,not fresh powder ) as a body scrub. It will be really good.

Fairness pack
Soak masoor dhal in milk overnight and then make a paste of it.Add multani mitti to it.Apply the paste on the face and let it dry and wash it off

Wear the normal face pack of either multani mutti or cucumber.After in dries do not wash it. Just dab a little water on the face but the pack should not come off.Squeeze the following in the palm - any scrub (simply use 2 pinches of ground coffee seeds from the  filter) + face wash + any face cream little more than what you use normally on your face. Rub all these with both of your hands into a paste and start rubbing them on your face in a circular motion. Do this for 5- 10 minutes.Then wash your face.

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