Rudraksh is a fruit, which grows on a large evergreen tree. For Indians, Rudraksh is very important and we have given a holy place to it since thousand years. It plays an important role in Hindu traditions and customs like pooja, prayer etc. It is a symbol of strength and purity. Devotees believe that if we wear Rudraksh mala, it gives positive energy to us.

What is the meaning of the word “Rudraksh”? In Sanskrit “Rudra” means Lord Shiva and “Akshu” means tears. So “Rudraksh” means tears of Lord Shiva. It is not tears of sadness but it is tears of happiness. We can get more information about Rudraksh in “Shiva Purana”. According to Shiva Purana, after many years of tapasya, when Lord Shiva opened his eyes, tears of happiness fell down from his eyes. This tears of happiness became Rudraksh.

From every angle Rudraksh is multifaceted talent. It has many faces. Some times, a single Rudraksh tree gives multifaceted Rudraksh. Usually we can see Rudraksh of one to twenty two faces. But in Veda Puranas there are information on Rudraksh having 38 faces. Rudraksh having one to six faces is easily available and getting Rudraksh having 14 or more faces is very difficult and they are very costly also.

Experts say that each face has its own characteristics and healing power. Rudraksh gives out Electro magnetic and Paramagnetic powers. These powers will transfer to heart, brain and to other parts of the body thus controlling blood pressure and heartbeats. Rudraksh contains – 50.031% carbon, 0.95% Nitrogen, 17.897% Hydrogen and 30.53% of Oxygen.

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We can see Rudraksh trees in Sumatra and Bali ice lands of Indonesia, Hawaii Ice lands, Himalayan region of India and Nepal, Kailash Manas Sarovar region and also we can see Rudraksh trees in Western Ghats. The ripe Rudraksh fruit has a dark blue colour external cover.


Each face of Rudraksh represents some powers.

Single faced Rudraksh : It represents godliness and it increases concentration.

2 Faced Rudraksh : It represents Ardha Nareeshwara.

3 Faced Rudraksh : It represents Agni. It removes inferiority complex and tensions.

4 Faced Rudraksh : It represents Lord Brahma. It increases memory power and IQ.

5 Faced Rudraksh : It represents Lord Shiva. This Rudraksh is more in use. It gives health and peace.

11 Faced Rudraksh : It represents Lord Hanuman. It gives decision power, courage and success.

12 Faced Rudraksh : It represent Sun. It gives managerial ability.

14 Faced Rudraksh : It protects from worries, and increases self confidence.


We have to be very careful while buying Rudraksh. There are duplicate Rudraksh available in market. Faces of Rudraksh will be decided on the basis of lines which are present in upper part of Rudraksh. Some times some other structures also will appear like lines. When we take the X ray of Rudraksh then faces are clearly visible. Rudraksh that are available in Nepal region is original one. Because it gets hole naturally while plucking from the tree. For others, hole will be done artificially. People believe that Rudraksh, which sinks in water, is original one. Rudraksh mala having 108 Rudraksh will be used for Dhyana and Japa. It helps to attain highest position in Dhyana.


If you want to experience positive energy of Rudraksh, then you have to obey some rules. You should remove Rudraksh from your body before going to bathroom, grave yard etc. Ladies should not wear it when their menstrual cycle is on. When it is managed properly, we can use it for more than 100 years. Use plain water and soft brush to clean it. When it touches water, soaps daily, it looses its humidity. To retain humidity, we can apply coconut oil or olive to Rudraksh.


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