Reasons for being stressed are many. The things around you ,which you don’t want to exist ,the people around you , the things that happen which you just can’t take any more etc .


If you make a post mortem of the word stress ,you will find the reason of it’s occurrence is actually not the thing , the people ,or the happenings that simply annoy you. It’s your mind only ,the main culprit of this whole issue . You reject adjustment, you deny to find possible ways o solving a issue ,the next moment you are in stress.

Let’s refine our search.

You are stressed .How would you know!

You are in stress if

  1. You rarely laugh .If you face a joke you just give a dead smile .
  2. You loose interest in enjoying life.
  3. You feel drowning deep into your problems.
  4. Sometimes you shout or got angry at no valid reason.
  5. You always feel like pile of heavy work is loaded over your head.
  6. Sometimes you don’t know what exactly you want to do.
  7. You tend to repent or cry over split milk.
  8. You can’t short out how to make balance between your home and office. You have given up.
  9. You always curse your fate or the life you lead.
  10. You cease to celebrate , want to be get worried all the time .


So the possible symptoms of stress are those . Experts say stress is a state of mind rather than a disease . Every person in his or her life faces a period of stress . Reasons can be like these

  1. Stress due to failure .
  2. Stress due to illness.
  3. Stress due to bad relationships.
  4. Stress due to achieve more success in a short period of time.
  5. And lastly, stress due comparisons with other people’s lives .


Whatever be the reason stress is a deadly state of mind which actually makes a person rough in his behaviour with time . Stress sometimes makes the patient suicidal .As he began to think death is the end o all worries .

You can’t change people or circumstances around you . But fate can be changed through sincere effort. Some steps that I suggest towards the healing of stress are as follows


  1. Try to mix up with people who are really encouraging .
  2. Avoid regretting small mistakes rather try to rectify them.
  3. Remember no one in the world is blessed with hundred percent of accuracy.
  4. Count the things that god has given to you , that makes you special.
  5. To make a balance between your job and your family make a time table to distribute your time between these two.
  6. A mountain of work can be done easily if proper co-ordination and time management is done.
  7. Yoga and meditation are the best way to relieve stress. Just close your eyes and count your breath going in and out. This will give you concentration and inspiration to perform your work smoothly.
  8. Get yourself involved in other activities as gardening, cooking or even decorating which will fill new spirit within you.
  9. Try to enjoy life . Listen to music , watch a movie or just party. This will drag you from monotony and make your life stress free.
  10. Write down the things that stress you . Then write the possible solutions in your hand. You yourself can be the solution to your problem.

Stress is not god gifted .You yourself welcome stress. So try out theses things to get some relief.










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