Weight gain is main problem among all people of all ages now-a-days. This may be due to the living conditions and food habits.

The best way to get rid of it is to exercise regularly and having a good balanced diet.

In the mean time, there is an excellent SOUP available for weight reduction.


Below is the procedure of making the soup.




  1. Water about 1 and half a cup.
  2. Chopped Cabbage of about 10 Grams.
  3. 1 Chopped Capsicum.
  4.  Pepper powder 1 Tea Spoon.
  5. Corn flour 1 Table Spoon.
  6. Finely chopped coriander leaves.
  7. Salt to taste.




  1. Take a bowl and add water.
  2. Now add capsicum and cabbage cut into pieces.
  3. Now add salt to taste as per requirement.
  4. Close the bowl with a lid and allow it to cook till all the vegetables half cook.
  5. Now take a cup of little water and add corn flour. Mix it well and add it to the bowl by mixing to see the consistency.
  6. Now add pepper powder and coriander leaves.
  7. Let it cook for 1 minutes and serve hot.

By taking this soup regularly in lunch time, one can have control over their weight.

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