Back pain is the pain that happens in the back . The pain can happen in any part of the back may be neck, lower back pain , upper back pain. Back pain can be caused by a variety of reasons and it is hard to find a specific reason for it . It may be caused due to lot reasons or may be due to a disease. Let us know somethings about back pain.

  • Lower body back pain may be just due to cold effect.Most of the times the lower back pain is due to the cold effect.
  • The spine contains of muscles, joints,nerves, tendons and ligaments . Any problem in any one of them can cause back pain.
  • Back pain can be acute or chronic if it lasts for some days only it may be acute and if it lasts for more than a month then its chronic.
  • Many times the reason for back pain may be just age. People who cross 60 may often be getting back pain.

Back pain may be easily treated home or by medical treatment . Let us see some of the tips or remedies by which back pain can be treated.

  • Stretching exercises are very helpful to get relief from back pain. Stratening and stretching of the body parts can provide instant relief in back pain.
  • Hot or warm treatment - Applying ice on the effected area can get relief from pain . In the same way taking bath from warm water can be useful. Heat therapy is useful in many problems of body pain.
  • Taking bed rest can also help to solve the problem of back pain
  • Avoid doing hard exercises or bending down a lot when you are suffering from back pain.
  • Use of medicines like pain relief tablets, muscle relaxants etc can be useful in the problem of back pain.
  • Massage therapy specially from a professional can be very useful in the problem of back pain.

Back pain may be a minor problem or sometimes for some people it may also become a major problem. Its all how back pain is managed if properly treated than back pain can go away easily.

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