Now days, there is no particular age for blood pressure Problem to occur. It may be a small age or big age group. Blood pressure problems are seen in both the age people. In our country 10% of the deaths occur are due to blood pressure only. Mostly blood pressure occurs in women as they always in tense about their kids, house, and job. So they worry every minute.

                To escape from high blood pressure, we need to follow good diet and practice exercises. To maintain the blood pressure level, it’s better to reduce consuming salt, try to do meditation which makes your mind relax and always keep your mind pleasant.

Avoid blood pressure with rules:

The usage of salt should be less than 2300 mille grams per day. Stop having sodium food content like Garlic, stored pickles, curd, chili, soft drinks and the items which are available in market like junk food and fast food. Instead of eating readymade food which is available in packets, it’s better to prepare dishes with fresh items. So that sodium can be controlled. If you consume less sodium content food then blood pressure will get control.

                The process called Dash in which we get 4700 milligrams potassium, 1250 milligrams of calcium, 500 milli grams of magnesium and less sodium. So blood pressure will get  control.

How to get potassium:

We can get potassium at required quantity in raw banana, mosambi, kheera, Tomato, fried groundnuts without salt, beans, potatoes and coriander. People who are suffering from blood pressure; they should take 3500 milli gram potassium to their body.

Milk is good for blood pressure:

The reduction of the calcium percentage in our body then blood pressure increases. Having milk is good for health especially for blood pressure. Milk with no fat contains more fat and even in milk products. Increasing the usage of Onion, Garlic than normal usage is good for blood pressured people. Actually sulphur helps them to control blood pressure. Ground nuts, oil, rice brawn sesame oil usage is good for the health of the blood pressured people. Avoid eating carbohydrates contained food items and puff made of myda, brawn bread and chapathi should be taken by blood pressure suffering person. Especially, In daily diet of the blood pressured people, they should take food made of grains, fresh vegetables, fruits to get huge amount of potassium and fiber are available in seeds. So by this 36% of Blood Pressure can be controlled. Proteins can be taken as much as they can. The proteins from fish, skinless meat, the production of soya in which proteins are available is good for health. The huge amount of vitamin c available in kheera and amla is good for their health. Omega 3 which is available in avisay seeds oil can be used in food. The food available in packet in markets. Those contains transport that is in chips, French fries and etc. these mainly cause blood pressure. Try to avoid eating these, we can avoid not only blood pressure but also heart problems, sugar, cancer, obesity.

                Health with walk:

You have a walk of half an hour a day. By doing meditation we can control our blood pressure. People who won’t do exercise, these is 50% chance of getting blood pressure.  The children who spend lot of time by sitting in front of computers, TV, video games. They will have fast food more and this leads to obesity and the blood pressure. So to such children, we should encourage them to get interest in outdoor games and on dance. Make them have fruits instead of chocolates and biscuits.

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