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                                              COMMON AND UNCOMMON HEADACHES

Headache is such a common term and used by every human being in his life. What do you mean by headache. Headache is defined as the pain in head caused by dilatation of cerebral arteries, muscle contractions, insufficient oxygen to the blood in the brain , reaction to a drug or due to stress, etc.

I decided to write an article on different types of headache which will be common and less common types. In my private practice I come across this term everyday either in common form or less common form of headaches.

Let’s see what are the types of headaches –


          A)Common type of Headaches – (Primary)

  • Tension Headache – Most common type of headache. It is caused by the contraction of muscles of head and dilatation of blood vessels.

Symptoms – Throbbing pain in forehead and across both the temples. Sensation as if head is pressed or tightened. Sometimes there is tightness in neck and shoulders. More common in women than men.


  • Migraines - This is other common type of headache. Usually seen in young adults of early twenties.

Symptoms- Throbbing pain usually on one side of head associated with nausea and vomiting.

Visual disturbances like see different colors, blurred vision, dizziness. Sensitive to light and noise. The symptoms last for 5-8 hours to days.


  • Cluster Headache – This type of headaches occur in waves and hence called as cluster headaches.

Symptoms – Severe most excruciating pain in and around the head. Patient gets sensation as if iron rod twisted around the temples and eyes. They may last from 15mins to hours and sometimes to several weeks together. Associated symptoms are runny and stuffed nose, red eye and flushed face. Commonly seen in men.

         B)Less common type of Headaches- (Secondary)

  • Sinus headache – This is not as common as tension headache. It is associated with runny nose and fever.
  • Post-traumatic headache – It occurs due to injuries to head or neck from an accident. Accumulation of blood in the tissues around the brain causes headache.
  • Brain Infection or Brain Tumors – Brain infections like meningitis or encephalitis causes headache. These infections can be serious. Along with headache patient might get fever, confused, drowsy, vomiting and seizures (fits).
  • Very High Blood Pressure- This is not very common type. Throbbing pain around the head. Usually high blood pressure does not cause headache but extremely high blood pressure causes headaches.


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