frozen shoulder-it is a stiffness of the shoulder joint.It is also called  adhesive capsulitis of shoulder joint because in which shoulder capsule become stiff and inflmed ,so get adhesion and produce pain and reduce full range of movemen of shoulder joint. 

                 causes- 1) injury 2) lack of fluid 3) diabetes 4) lung disease 5) heart diease

                symptoms-pain constant,more at night.when atmosphere is cold ,smaller task with shoulder impossible.

                diagnosis by arthrogram and M.R.I. scan

               managemant-aim-reducing shoulder pain and gaining range of movement

                                         1  Drug-nonsteroidal antiinflamatory druug(NSAIDS)

                                         2 physical therapy         

                                             1 stretching exercise 2 transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation(TENS)

                 alternative medicine -acupuncture ,massage,exercise in water, nutrition


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