Animals are our friends. They help us in a number of ways. Some are useful animals.

Useful animals

People keep animals at home for fun and companionship or for personal safety. They are called pet animals. Many people keep dogs for guarding their homes. A domestic animal is one which is kept on farms for some particular purpose. Some people keep animals like goats, hens and ducks on their farms or in their houses. They get milk and meat from these animals. They also keep horses, sheep, oxen, etc. They are called domestic animals. Animals help us in a number of ways. We also get many things from animals. We get milk from cow, buffalo and goat. We get eggs from hens and ducks. We get wool from sheep. We get honey from honeybees. We get milk silk worms. Animals like horses and monkeys carry loads for us. Oxen help us in Ploughing in the fields. Elephants carry logs of wood in jungles. They are also used for fun rides. Animals help us a lot. It is our duty to take proper care of them.

Taking care pet and domestic animals

We should give them proper food at fixed times. We should keep them in neat and clean shelters. We should bathe them regularly. We should allow them to take proper rest. We should not put a lot of burden on them. We should never hurt or tease them. We should take them to a veterinary doctor whenever they are sick. They serve us best only if we love and take good care of them.

Foods of animals

Different animals eat different food. We should feed our pet and domestic animals with the food they love to eat.

1) Dog eat bone 2) cat drinking milk 3) horse eating grass 4) rabbit eating carrot 5) parrot eating chilies 6) hen eating grains.

Dogs, cats and bulls have a sense of sight, but did you know that they are color blind? The bull –fighter or matador waves are red flag in front of the bull to make it angry. But by waving a black cloth, or a white one or even a checked one he could make it just as angry!

Raccoons are said to wash their food before eating it. It is not as if they are fussy about cleanliness, because they wash their food even in water dirtier than their food! Perhaps they just enjoy their food in water.



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